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Sid sorted, but...

Weight Weenie

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I had issues with my sid fork, turns out that my pressures were wrong and the lock-out wire loose, so thats sorted.


But I want to know how the dual air operates now, as I had the - air more than the + air (as per manual) but apparently the - must be less than the + , so the less the - is the easier the + can overcome it and  and thus the fork is more responsive on small bumps ?


Also im around 65kg with kit, ran 80psi + and 70 psi - today, about 20% sag, does that seem around the ballpark pressure, I can take the - down 5 more psi right, max 15psi difference ?



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I've also noted that if you balance the pressure, you don't get a satisfactory amount of travel. I always ride with the Negative lower than the Positive.


Take it down as much as you like. Nothing will go wrong. Keep on experimenting until it works for you.


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Dankie Johan, but at some point the negative being to low will make the fork really bouncy ie. actuating to easily while pedalling ?

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