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Tyre Pressure


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Hi Guys, I did a search to see what is the "correct" tyre pressure on a MTB, I know it depends on whether you will be riding on sand, road or just hard dirt... I like riding it kinda soft but am worried that it migth damage my tyre if I get a knock from a rock sticking out... Any advice on this would be appreciated!


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Disscussed many times, sugest you do a search.


There are a lot more variables than terrain.


Your weight

tube or tubliss

volume of your chosen tyres.


I run my front at 1.8 bar

and my rear at 2 bar.


but I weigh 67kgs

ride tubeless

and have a 2.4 inch wide, high volume front tyre.

and set my suspension soft (front and back)
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Clearly a tricky question.


I weight 80kg. Crossmarks front and rear at 3 bar each.


I use tubes.


Seems to work for most conditions.


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with tubes at 80kg you should try 2.5 bar max could even get away with 2.3 in front


It is worth a try...


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I look at what the tyre says on the sidewall and follow the instructions carefully. Minimum for off road and maximum for tarmac. ( 2bar and 4bar)Works well for me. Running tubeless and I weigh in at 82kg.

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