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  1. Hi Izak, Love your bike, so much so that seriously considering getting the same frame. Is the FD a top clamp or bottom clamp (the crank is obscuring it in all the photos Thanks Bruce
  2. Surely no-one believes that is what we were designed to eat. To many taste buds in my mouth and far to sensitive a nose to think we were meant eat that way
  3. On any bike, and particularly a 29, the most important place to loose weight is on your wheels. Tyres/rims are the more important than hubs. (rotating weight) this will aid acceleration etc. Moving to lighter tires is the easiest and cheapest way, but there is a compromise, as lighter tyres are not as robust. It's a risk many people are ready to take, some win, and some walk home.
  4. Edited, hope its working now
  5. Just a couple of bikes from the little town I live in. yes, its flat, so much so, that there are more singles and fixies than geared bikes. lots of tricked out fixies too. and yes, you can leave you bike leaning against a shop front and wonder off for a while. Crime is near non existent cause big brother is watching
  6. Never tried a tandem with the wife, but did a tour D'urban sitting behind my Brother-in-law. One of the best, and worst experiences of my life: Was terrified not having any control. Our riding styles are very different, I move the bike further from side to side than he does when standing, which resulted in me sometimes not having the bike under me. My ass killed me, cause he never stands up to let a little blood in. but we did hit 97kph coming down M19 and obliterated my PB. what I'm trying to say is, its not as easy as you might think. try it first.
  7. Part 2 of the very slow dream build, from IndustryNine Torch Classic Hubsets Spoke Hole Count: 28 Spoke Hub Color: Black Front Axle: Lefty Rear Axle: 12X142 Freehub: Standard Freehub Bearings: Steel Bearings (standard) Part #: TFLFAT Qty: 1
  8. RIP Burry, So tragic, so sad and so unneccesary.
  9. Drove past it on the N2 on Saturday on the way from Salt Rock to Holla trails. Kop was still talking to a couple of cyclists, whilst another 5-6 were walking back to the Balitto on-ramp pushing their bikes, and another 15 odd were on the Bridge watching. M4 is one thing, N2 is illegal, and only commuters and people who are above the law ride on it. Arresting someone is over the top though, unless the arrest was for causing *** wiff da lang arm.
  10. I doubt it will last as long as 2 galvanised trailers. Rust has become far less of an issue than it used to be with advances in rust prevention. Also it looks small and funny
  11. Any one else notice how small those wheels are, look like 24 inch or less. I see a new craze coming
  12. bought my wife a pair of running shoes a while back and instead of thanks, i got "are you telling me i'm fat"
  13. Actually its not just according to the unwritten rules that he is inocent. In terms of the writte rules, he is inocent. He has never failed a dope test. Guity as sin, absolutely. I've been an LA hater for years (was a Jan Ulrich fan) But when the rules are basterdised for a specific outcome, it does not sit well, and I actually have some sympathy for the man. An I believe (as Tubehunter mentioned) they have potentially opened a can of worms, no that you can be convicted based on testemony, when the physical evidence does not support the claims. Actually, surely we can get a few guys to say morne steyn doped, and keep him out of the green and gold. This might work
  14. logic would say that you drop your seat 2.5mm
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