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Unfortunately having snapped the axle in my pedal and bitten the tarmac Ouch, I have a few questions to ask of the people in the know!


1. Can I just replace the snapped axle with another axle from a look pedal. I have Look CX7 pedals and I really like them and dont really want to buy new ones!


2. What are the odds of a pedal axle snapping? Is this a common occurence?


3. Now onto the begging part! Big%20smile  If it is possible to swap the axle, does anybody know where I can get one from or have a old set of CX7 pedals they dont use anymore that I can take the axle from. Or even just have an axle lying around that I can perhaps use?


Look forward to the replies!


Duncmeister2010-03-02 02:54:42
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sorry do not have any spares but when one pedal broke a while back (look Keo classic) I took it in to my LBS. They sent it to the dealer upcountry, who fixed it.  I had to pay postage.

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The importer of Look components and frames is on the hub. Do a search for him (Look) and send him a PM.Thumbs%20Up

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