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MTB rear shock types


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Greetings .


New to this forum so a quick howdy to all, and hopefully i can get some questions answered by the guru's out there.


I am an avid mtbiker and have been riding a hard tail for a while, i am now interested in a full suspension bike (merida 96 yummy) (or morewood or giant or or or ).


But i am looking around online and have noticed various rear shock / suspension setups.

My question is are there any benefits or negatives as to the placement of the rear shock some are 90 degrees to the rear post others  30degrees etc .

Is there a name for the different suspension setups ? and which is obviously better or worse


example on merida bikes the 96 and the ONE TWENTY






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Not really any big differance - to small to really notice.......


Giant has a Maestro type configuration that eliminates pedal bob


I ride a single pivot design that seems to be able to clime up any rocky accent or gain speed on any rocky decent....


Every manufacturer thinks his is the best and sells it......


At the end of the the best advice will be to ride the bike and decide if you like the "feel" .  I think your choice will rather be influanced by by ride position (TT lenght, head angle, seat angle etc.) than the susspension design type............


To give you an idea.....


I started with a Giant VT - susspension similart to the current Commencal FS design,  Then had a giant Reign (Maestro design) and now ride a morewood (single pivot design).


The VT was great, the reign was great (no pedal bob when seated), the morewood is great........... not much help....The only differance that I could notice between the 3 of them is that the reign had no pedal bob when seated and the morewood can climb up anything......   But then again I have 2 years more experience than when I started with the reign.......
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So the two setup types are single pivot and maestro.

Have any manufactures actually gotten it wrong.?

Ye i have noticed some bikes bob more than others.


I was riding rietvlei the other weekend and thought i was making good progress on my Hardtail (raleigh rm7 hybrid) and suddenly realised i was holding up a group of full suspension riders , they creamed me :), i guess it may be skill but the way they rode the rocky sections made me drool.


Id rather investigate all setups than buy twice so i do appreciate the input .

morewood .....droooool


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A quick google gets you this: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bicycle_suspension#Rear_suspension




I wouldnt credit a fast descent to just the suspension system. Being an experienced rider who is able to choose good lines is far more important. Sure, the suspension will 'iron out' the bad bits, but if you choose great lines it's really the only way.




The only point I can really make about full suss bikes from my experience, is dont buy a cheap frame. There are plenty of entry level full suss bikes out there, and they are mostly junk, unreliable and inefficient. Rather get a decent hardtail, with a good fork up front, with a decent parts kit, and when you have learned to steer a good line, then move those parts over to a decent full suss frame.




Re: Morewood, I heard their new designs are not single pivot anymore. Me, Ive never been a fan. It's all personal choices though, and the feel of a bike is what you make of it.

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From my exp and reading of reviews :The type of shock you have at the back will affect the ride quality more than the suspension type, also look for a shock with a lock out and pro-pedal setting.

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