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  1. Anybody familiar with the MTB trails in Rotorua? Saw a map with some trails and recon best might be to get in touch with somebody familiar with these - quite keen on a trip to Rotorua once we are allowed
  2. With a flat earth there would be no downhill events......
  3. 1 - If you don't like it, don't read it. 2 - Yes we have problems to, it is different than SA and this forum gives us the chance to share our good our bad and our ugly with other cycling-loving-exZAR-newKiwis.
  4. Your last sentence is similar to a fat guy eating a hamburger, chips and a diet coke and them complaining about his weight...........
  5. I think immigration has a lot to do with personality. In the end you go to filter out all the noise and do what makes you happy! I don't think that NZ is the land of milk and honey - all you do is substitute your existing problems for some new ones, you also do add to your list of wonderful experiences and memories!
  6. ".....Caitlyn Davies and her father, Jonathan, arrived in New Zealand on a work visa in 2015. A few months later Caitlyn's mother Charmaine, and then 1-year-old brother, Jonathan, arrived in New Zealand on work and visitor visas. They were granted further visas in 2016. Caitlyn's interim visa expired in July last year, meaning she was unlawfully in New Zealand. Since then the family has fought for her to stay in the country. Her father works on a farm near Geraldine......" Their Visa conditions stipulate that it is time to go. They knew the rules when they signed up and now they would like to change it - which NZers don't allow. There is other means for her to stay in the country (medical waiver) but with a work visa for the parents its unlikely. Sorry to say but this is the parents fault. What really gets my blood boiling is ZARs that demand and think they are entitled to privileges of NZ citizens - you are a guest in their land until you are a citizen.
  7. If Santa Cruz stops making bicycles
  8. Use some paint stripper and use a "Wap" to clean and remove the old paint afterwards! I used a wire brush on a drill to get a nice raw aluminium finish afterwards.
  9. Hey Wayne - can you PM me the details of said company please Sweet as...
  10. Based in Stratford - small little town with lots of trout in its streams Its about 30 min from New Plymouth. Managed to catch a glimpse of the mountain on Monday with a light dusting of snow
  11. Howdy all - So I am new to the threat..... We finally got our residence permits and I am on my way to a new adventure. Feeling Sh!t scared but recon I just need to trust myself, put my head down and muscle through it.
  12. Hi Hubbers, Sorry for posting here but I have a free bunch of MTB components all used. If any bodywants it please sms me on 072 597 9457. Will be dumping the lot on Monday.
  13. Next they will discover that a bike will fall over without training wheels!!!!!!!!!!
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