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NCR: Xbox360 live connection??


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Hi there.


Random question: Anyone know if its posible to connect Xbox360 to laptop and play xbox live ?


Laptop connected to wireless network - very good connection.


Anyone up to par with Xbox live connections and subscriptions ?




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You will have to get a UK or US account. SA does not have Live.




Oh, I think the laptop should work.

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Yep astana you can, I have done it, but what speed is the wireless ? the normal 54mbps is too slow for FPS games.


I run a plug that send the signal from the router over the mains of the house to another plug that I connect to a hub and then to xbox etc. 85mbps, ok but still a very very very slight bit of lag playing locally, but mostly wont notice it. 



with the laptop you must connect a lan cable between it and the xbox and then share the connection on the laptop, check the xbox has a static IP adress you allso need to open ports on the router etc, all the info on the site link. 
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