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Crank set and cassettes


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Need some info please:

Just got myself a road bike and find the climbing really tough:



10 Speed Ultegra Cassette 12/21

FSA Carbon Crank set 53/39

I'm not to sure of the length of the crank arms.


My questions are:

1. What size cassette and crank set would make climbing easier?

2. Should I look at purchasing a compact crank set?

3. What is the difference between a 172.5 and 175 crank arm?

4. Is there a benefit of a triple crank set?



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A 21 is small for the low gear.  As Mampara said an 11 - 25 should be ample.  You could also use a 12 - 25 with your 53 chainring - (I think the 12-25 is cheaper).  I would only consider changing the crank to compact if you still battle on climbs.  As to the crank length it comes down to leg length.  If I remember correctly, if your inslde leg length is 88 cm or over you can use a 175 crank, particularly if your thigh bones are long.  However for your problem I think that changing crank length would make climbing more difficult and in any event would be an expensive option for a marginal change.

I see no benefit in changing to a tripple crank.  You would probably need to change the STI and FD as well.  Rather go for a 27 cassette at the back.  Just remember to re check your chain length if you change the cassette.


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thanks for the feedback guys. looking for a 12 -27/28 cassette. currently have ultegra parts. anyone selling one?

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