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Bike Jacking near Gerardsville at the ruins


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On a cllub ride this morning we came across 3 MTBers who had just been bike-jacked at gunpoint by 2 men who started walking really quickly to catch up  to them. They told them to lie down n the long grass for 20 minutes and went off with the 3 bikes cell phones etc.


This was at the ruins on top of the Koppie near Gerardsville but to the south. South of the M26 road from Sandton to I think it is Erasmus? There is a Cheese Shop about 1km to the east, where the single track comes onto that main road.


The GPS coordinates are as follows: S25.83548 E28.06367 these coordinates are not for the koppie but  down the slope on the north side where we came across them walking back to the main road.


We helped out by letting them use our phones to arrange someone to collect them.


Thankfully no-one was hurt and the guys were insured.


We had like 5 flats on our ride which set us back by about 45 minutes if we had not flatted this could have been our group that was Jacked.


Anyway this is a heads up for the Gerardsville Ruins koppie as a Bike-Jacking hot spot.


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