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Vibration Damper

David Marshall

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Anyone use these rubber inserts in their handlebars to dampen the road vibration?  I saw a demo at Solomon's in Woodmead where an aluminium bar was dropped onto the floor with and without and it looked impressive.  Has anyone tried them out?

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For starters, the concept is sound. It is called anti-resonance. I have some doubts about its use on handlebars, though.


The demo of dropping a handlebar is not a good verification of wether it works to make the vibration getting to your hands less.


1. The stiffness of the rubber will need to be different for different handlebar stiffness and rider mass.

2. Vibration goes via the stem along the handle bar. If it is in the end of a road bike bar, it will not be that effective in reducing road buzz on the brake hoods & top of the bar, which is used more than the drops. May work better on mtb bars.


In conclusion, I would only buy some of these if I needed to add mass to the bike - eg. getting a bike up to 6.8kg for SA champs etc.


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I think it is bogus. Yes, when you have a naked handlebar that continually drops onto the floor and the vibration irritates your dogs, get a plug.


If you have a handlebar that is fitted to a bike, dressed in cables, computer mounts, handlebar tape, brake levers and tape plugs, you already have plenty dampers.


Try dropping such an equipped bar onto the floor and you'll see it doesn't vibrate. 


It is poor science. Have a good look at a piano's innards and imagine what would happen if you take a tiny little damper and you apply it over and above the pedal damper.........nothing would happen, so why bother?


In vibration damping, the largest damper dominates to the extent that you can remove the smaller dampers.



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