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  1. I went with a MaraX, good balance of performance vs. price. Disadvantage is that it does not look as flash as a Rocket, for example, but there are upgrades available for the Mara, like wood handles and a flow control paddle. Standard MaraX beats the Rancilio on looks imo.
  2. I hope Froomie makes it back, it would be one of the greatest comebacks in cycling history I am still rooting for him, I just think he needs to commit to a longer build. Or perhaps if he is using these races as part of that build, not drop hints that he is close to racing form. If he gets thrashed by Louis in a TT, he is far from racing form
  3. Froome 93d @-2:12 It is not just a problem of a few extra kg. Power must be below par as well. I dont think ISN should take him to the TDF. He wont be contesting GC or stages. (Louis 55th @-1:22)
  4. The longer travel version sounds scweeeet!
  5. Losing 3kg sounds realistic, at least. If he can do that without losing power he would be in the race. The next question would be if his power is back to what it was, and then if that would be enough to win. Some big stars that crashed and came back took 3 years (like Pantani and Museeuw, although they had better supplements )
  6. How much more does he need to lose to beat the likes of Roglic, Pogachar, Bernal? Bernal is 60kg, so close to 9?
  7. How could Bernal win when he had to do a 17km wet descent on rim brakes, while the chasers were on disks 🤔
  8. Bought my Lelit machine from onlinecoffeeshop - good sales experience. I would recommend checking stock levels if you are in a hurry or for big ticket items.
  9. Not along the Atlantic seaboard. People greet on top of Table Mountain and in the Helderberg basin, too.
  10. I dont see a Dogma XC on their site - I wonder why 🤔
  11. .. I had to google what lifters were ???? (I do all my training outside)
  12. Dont sell it! Give it to you children or friends' children to ride. You will get less than you expect if you put it up for sale, the market for 26s with canti brakes are limited. Nice bike! ????
  13. Who would invest with a broker who has been busted before and served time for running a ponzi scheme? Somehow the equivalent is ok in cycling ? (Not just in SA - Valverde stll races too)
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