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REbound on Front shock


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Can someone please explain, if or how the rebound setting on the front can affect the front handling of the bike.

Where is  a good place to start with settings, fully open? half? or closed?


THis is what i found with it fully open the front would tend to want to slip through turns, turn the rebound in a bit and it stops


can this be?

i cant seem to understand how..


the Front shock is a Manitou Minute Absolute 120mm
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I set mine on half and then worked it from there. The smaller the bumps the less rebound you want.

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Rebound is pretty complex. Its part of a balancing acting. Your rebound will need to be set in such a way to balance the spring force your shock has got.


Simply, put rebound relates to "the rate at which your fork will return to its extended/spring position".


This is where it gets fun. Your suspension system is now dependant on the number of bumps, their size and their frequency.


The more bumps in a unit of time the faster your rebound needs to be. This should help the shock from bottoming as the "recovery" time is quicker.


Larger bumps, require slower rebound. This helps "smooth" the travel action of the shock.


SO where to start, if your riding is mixed, rough and smooth... Half way.

if its smooth, close your rebound slightly, this will slow it down.

Rough, open her up..
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