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Easton EC 90 SLX


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Is there anybody that has or is using the Easton EC 90 SLX fork? I am thinking of putting one on my Cervelo R3SL. I have read some reviews from the USA on this product most of them good. It is supposed to improve the ride, better steering and it is substantially lighter than the fork the bike comes with.

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During my weight weenie phase, I put one on my Scott CR1.



Very light

Well made

Gave me no hassles in the 2 years that I raced on it.



It was not as stiff in the lateral direction as other forks I have ridden. It felt like it moved a bit more sideways when climbing out of the saddle or sprinting.

Torsional stiffness also not as high compared to other top end forks, felt a bit less precise when cornering fast.


Both negattive things are small things, may not bother somebody else. Was also not such a big bother that I had to change it - I kept the fork till I sold the bike.


If low mass is you aim above all else, not a bad choise.


If stiffness & steering prescision is important to you, rather go for EC90SL, Alpha-Q or a 3T fork.


If both is important & cost is no object, look at a THM Scapula or AX Helios
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