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Mobile Bicycle Technix - Responce on "The Mac"


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Hi guys...

 This is a responce to the thread posted my "The Mac" - Beware of bike mechanix.....


First of all, I would like to thank everyone that backed me up on this forum, and those of you that get P.M's from me, you guys get a free wash&lube anytime anywhere.


Now.... I didn't steal anything from anyone here, I was asked in an email that I must sort out the polar watch battery...( Istill have that email) I DONT FIX POLARS! So I took it in to Polar (twice) as a favour. And by the way, I never charged "TheMac" a cent of any labour done ever on his bikes.... I've got all his invoices dated and if I add it up the sum total comes to R3450...(invoices and dates on my system)


I feel really bad, because I still have the watch, but he'll get it back tomorrow before 10am. I dont have any excuses, but I didn't steal it when I was asked to do what I did???


The helmet that was mentioned was in stock that got liquidated at Illovo Cycles (everyone except the employees knew about the liquidation) We had jobs the Thursday, the Friday when I got to the shop I was told "sorry we closing"


Hope that shines a bit of light on my business name, and I'm sorry if I took long with the watch, I'm one guy.


Thanks again for all my clients that stand behind me, you guys are awesome.


THE MAC...I'm very sorry  I took long with your watch


Juan Smook

Mobile Bicycle Technix

082 758 0011
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