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Advice on the correct mtb tire width?


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This is for the "MTB WHizz Kids"?

What is the ideal/correct  tires widths one would ride or is this just rider preference?

I ride xt rims with Racing ralphs (2.25)(non ust) on at the moment but i'm not happy with how they shed mud? 

just seen a special at CWC on nobby nics 2.1ust's and want to may be give them a try  but cwc only have 2.1 and thus my confusion??


i believe nobby nics are a great all round "worker" and at that price for ust's i might a well by 2 sets?







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Not all tyres are measured the same although the numbers say the same. Conti for example are very narrow. Looks like they measure from outside knobby to outside knobby. Other measure carcass. You must also see which ones are not too wide for your frame.

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thanks mp,

riding ralphs 2.25 so going to 2.1 wont cause any problems just dont want to get them and find they are to narrow for our general riding??
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sorry to piggy-back on this, but I am facing the same quandary.


I am thinking very hard about getting the Conti Mountain kings when my IRC's wear out, and going tubeless at the same time. Problem is - I love hitting the hard stuff, and we al know that Tokai can have multiple seasons in one visit, not to mention the variety of terrain that it offers!


my question is - would moving from the narrow 2.2 to the wider (and better looking) 2.4 cause me to lose in certain areas? Or would it be better to go for a 2.35 Nevegal, or wait for the new Weirwolf, which looks like my kinda tyre.


Your views are welcome!
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Narrow is better for mud, but not so good for traction.


There is no "correct" tyre choice, thus the many options available.


I am riding 2.1 UST Maxxis Ignitors front and rear at the moment and loving them.

Fortunately winter has not arrived with all its might in the Western Cape yet, so can't comment on their mud performance at this stage.

However being slightly narrower with medium knobs, I hope they will do OK in the mud too.

Since they are doing well in the dry so far, this could prove to be a very nice general purpose tyre.



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