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Has anyone heard any reviews on the Mobii GPS that is being advertised on this site? It looks like a good unit but would like to hear if any of you have reviews on how well it works for cycling and running.


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I've been wondering the same thing...


Website looks a bit too "broad-based" for my liking - jack of all trades, master of none?


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Hi guys


I am from Mobii, and saw this post.


We started designing the product in Feb 2008, and we believe it will be adopted in a wide variety of sports. The Motion M01-1 has just been released after our preview at the Cape Argus and Two Oceans Expo's.


The Motion M01-1 is made entirely in-house, even the plastic parts are injection moulded and coated by us. The software has also been developed by us.


The device may seem to be too broad, but the system is completely configurable, and we have been working together with specialists to target specific sports.


It contains sport profiles, so if you go running, the product has an entire customisable set of screens that targets running, likewise for other sports.


You get to set all the parameters of interest to you, so if you want speed and ascent on one screen and then heart rate on another, you simply add it from the software. You can even change the size of the display font and customise the buttons. You get to set your readouts, even audio commands based on the type of information that is relevant to your needs.


So lets, say you are trail running and want to hear a voice readout of your heart rate and distance to go, set for every 30 sec, you simply set this in the software. The G-Force sensor would then be set to calculate stride count and stride length as it would be in the running profile.


The profiles are completely interchangeable, so if you are now cycling, you enter your cycling profile and then all your pre-configured displays and triggers are ready. It would then be in a ready-state to accept data from ANT+ compatible accessories specific for bikes, if they are present.


The same goes for a number of other sports and activities. We even have people sky-diving with our Motion M01-1. We have made it possible for people to have a device that they can completely customise for their needs. So even if you have bad eye-sight, you can make the font larger.


Adding video sync to the software playback, was a way in which we catered for those who want to have fun looking at their activity from another dimension. So people can show their friends how quick they were with video and data. It just makes things more fun, but also more analytical.


Because we are new and the product is South African, we understand there will be sceptics out there. You may then want to keep an eye on our website, were we will be showcasing the device and software being used in a wide variety of sports.






Mobii2010-05-01 15:01:01

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  • 1 month later...

are you able to do live tracking with this device or is it a receiver only?



Hi Tankman


Currently the product is a receiver only.


We are busy implementing "semi-live" tracking the Motion M01-1's which are used in events. This works using wireless ANT+, where we create our own data communication layer for devices to interact with each other, as well as with hotspot areas.


These hotspot areas allow for data to be sent to, or from, the Motion M01-1 and we have a range of around 50m.

From the hotspot location markers, the data can be pushed using traditional GSM, or even long range wifi to either an event screen for the audience or to a server for home viewing.


In this way, during a race, the information on each rider is collected along various points of a course and pushed directly to the audience for viewing. So people can then the historical and current information including heart rate, speeds, pace, etc.


This same system can be used by trainers who want to follow a group of riders and get real-time information pushed to a laptop in a chase car, as long as you are in a 50m range.


Alternatively, the devices can communicate with each other and, when activated, you can share live information with your training partners. So you can share your progress with others and know if they are doing in comparison to you.


These add-ons will become available as firmware upgrades for the device, which are scheduled to be released in August. These updates, like all others, are free for download to all Mobii users.


We did not add GSM directly to the device as it consumes a lot of power and pushes the costs considerably higher. We will release a GSM module add-on further down the line, but that won't happen for at least a few months.


We are going to be at the Knysna Oyster Festival, so if you happen to be there, you can catch us at the expo.



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