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XT spokes /repair urgent advice needeed


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During Honda trophy today had funny noise at rear and back wheel was out of true (did not hit anything)

Checked now noise was from broken spoke rattling against sprocket


These are standard factory XT wheelset


Heres is the question the rims are about a year old and have done alot of riding not on the best lines either but untill today were still running true


CRC list no spokes for shimano rim?


Should I just replace broken spoke or is this a sign that more could break and rather change them all thats first question


Please I need some advice ofrom the wheel experts on what my best choice is and I fly to the UK on tuesday so if there are spares I need from there I need to know before I leave as I can bring them back with me


please help




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PM Johan Bornman, I am pretty sure he will be able to advise or at least point you in the direction of "help". Good luck.

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CRC are useless - I emailed them about this - I wanted  a few spares just in case. They referred me to std DT spokes and nipples!! They then advised that not even their UK supplier had any spares for this wheelset..


Please let us know what Joahn B says.
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