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an idea for the classifieds

mark ellis

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hey all, what do you think of this


Starting a sticky in the buying and selling sections where you can leave feedback about a seller or buyer, kind of like ebay


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There is been a lot of debate about rating people etc.

It would be best implemented if admin could build in a feature where you can rate someone. Like ebay as mentioned.


A sticky will also work to some extend
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no on other forums they have a itrader system which you can give feedback on a person it just goes under your username ie on the left of a post... you can click on it and it give you info... im sure it can be activated on this forum coding...send "admin" he might have answers... :)



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Hi Guys,




I've mentioned on other threads that we're moving to another forum platform. It's far more stable the the current one and has some great features. It has some of the rating features mentioned built in and various add-ons available for buyer/seller feedback.




We're currently testing it out to ensure the conversion process happens smoothly (e.g. existing profiles and posts etc.). We plan to rollout at the end of May and once the core conversion is complete (i.e. forum platform) we'll be focussing on further improvements to the classifieds section.




I'll keep you posted on progress and will put up posts for comments / feature suggestions etc. and will soon have a demo available for limited testing before we cut over.







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