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  1. Sorry that was from Facebook, search and rescue are in the plantation at the moment tracking him
  2. An update is that Brett has been in contact with his wife so is ok but still missing. He must be disorientated but they are hopefull he will be found soon as his aproximate position is known. Tomorows ride is still on untill further notice.
  3. Anybody else find pant-less Wolly in issue 27 of Tread Magazine? (Page 64) Clearly applying chamis cream in stage race tents just does not work:) Hope I win a prize!
  4. yip, Geax and Stans go together as much as JHB drivers and e-tols
  5. Not sure if this has been posted before...makes you think how lucky we are
  6. PM me your email address, I have some I can share
  7. Hi All, Got a position available in our JHB Office http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_sungard/external/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=49557&localeCode=en-us If you interested please email me on : mark.vanrensburg@sungard.com Thanks
  8. Hi All, We got a few positions available in our JHB office http://careers.peopleclick.com/careerscp/client_sungard/external/gateway.do?functionName=viewFromLink&jobPostId=50455&localeCode=en-us This one is in the Treasury space. have a look at the link, and email me if you interested. mark.vanrensburg@sungard.com will post other positions during the day. Cheers
  9. The cans of pilchards behind the bike only adds to the feeling of if being a dodgy add for some reason...
  10. And proof you not on winstrol...
  11. We will also need pics of your couch and your dishcloths...
  12. Maybe I also ride too much and have too much bicycle on the brain... - Every single dishcloth has some sort of cycling related lubricant or fancy liquid stains on - every toilet has a copy of Tread or Ride magazine next to it - the "guest" rooms bed is in the garage and the bikes re in the "Guest" room (so don't any of you ask if you can come stay) - chamois cream is used on any body part that may ever require cream for some reason or other... From after shave balm to hair gel...it works for everything and is great substitute for cream in chicken al king - I ride a few times during the week at Jim... For as long as there is something interesting in the tv or sitting in front of me - I ride Saturday and Sunday all day Oh yes...I weigh about 95 kgs What is this "seeding" thing you mentioned? Sounds like a rash...have you tries putting some chamois cream on it? Oh and I don't have one of those wife things you spoke of either...do they come in carbon?
  13. I would like to add my thumbs up for these guys I no longer ride Specialized but recently moved to the area and have had nothing but great service from the team. Always friendly and willing to help...even taking time to pass on knowledge to a fatty like me looking at going back to a specialzed simply from the service these guys give
  14. what time did you ride? We rode there yesterday and around 7:30 and never saw any event on. Riding was incredible, flowing single track. The breakfast after was a bit of a let down though, some things very expensive for what arrived and other things not cooked. Will definately go back, after all...we went there to ride, not to eat
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