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SR Suntour Rebound Cartridge to Open Bath


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I had a blown Sr Suntour Rebound Cartridge laying around and found this uselful information.

Please note this is, as far as I know, for Rebound cartridges (with the adjuster knob on top) only. Not lock out cartridges as I don't have a lock out cartridge to try it with.


I've done the modification and will post feed back after a ride or 2.


I hope this is useful information and I couldn't just keep it to myself


Tools <?: prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />



1.5mm drill bit



Fork oil


1.     Drill a 1.5 mm hole 21mm from the bottom of the hexagon nut.

The cartridge will lose pressure.


2.     Push the shaft inside the cartridge up to its end ; Floating piston will be positioned at the end of the tube.


3.     Punch at 22mm from the bottom of the hexagon nut with a punch and hammer.

pay attention to not damage or bend the tube. This is to keep the   

            floating piston in place.


4.     Drill a 1.5mm hole at 35mm from the bottom (above the compensator piston),


5.     Make a 1.5mm hole at 12mm from the top of the tube. depth of drilling max 4mm.


6.     Make sure the cartridge is empty and then re-assemble the cartridge in the fork.Fill back up with oil. +- 160 ml 7.5 works the best, enough oil to cover the cartridge itself not the shaft 



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I have exactly such a cartridge lying here.


I don't understand step 1. Where is the hole drilled. Can you take a photo next time you take the cartridge out?


How violently did the gas come out?


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Feed back: I just put in 2 hours of street with the fork and it works beautifully.

The nut at the botom of the cartridge where the actual cartridge and the foot nut meet. If it still unclear PM me


The gas didn't escape to violently covering the area with a rag was sufficent to catch any oil that may come out. you must releast the pressure or you will have oil angrily spraying out if you drill to high.


the punching part is simply to hold the floating piston in place


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