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  1. HI My two cents, the lay out looks nice but my small criticism from using the site for a few hours now. 1. I can't seem to search under a specific discipline, yesterday there were 10 + Downhill bikes for sale, today the word downhill returns 2 adds for a 1 trance x and a glory, where did they go? 2. Same as above but regarding frames, its even worse I can't even filter by a specific style, so if i want a dual sus downhill or hard tail dirt jump bike I have to go through everything. 3. Having to constant click apply when I am at the bottom of a list, i want to click on mountain bike then frames then what ever and see the adds, there after I can filter and see what is available. 4. The search feature feels like I am on Gumtree, giving me everything under a specific word. 5.The page navigation is odd I miss the jump to specific page or go to the last of first page buttons. 6. I can't see how many pages there are in total. 7. Pictures to big 8. In short the old site was excellent and even newcomers could get around, the new site no, unless you know the industry and what to search and how its spelt good luck. On the face of it it looks nice but I preferred the older style was easy to navigate easy to jump and easy to find stuff, it feels like everything is blurred and together maybe I will get used to it, maybe not.
  2. Its just old truvativ husselfelt cranks, noting special
  3. Hi the bearing is MR 21531 (ID 21.5mm OD 31.0MM WIDTH 7mm)
  4. True but sometimes period correct is the only option.
  5. Hi Guys After many months of trial and error I have managed to successfully dismantle and re assemble ISIS Drive Bottom Brackets. I have managed to find the bearings as well and can source globally, the only issue is the bearings are rather expensive as it is a very odd size. Is there a market for a rebuild as ISIS is getting more and more difficult to find especially odd axle lengths and of course the 83mm shell for that old DH Project. Let me know your thought maybe I will put together a manual on how its done.
  6. Hi My Shimano SlX piston has cracked in the caliper and it must be replaced. Any advice if spares exist or if I must try to get an old 2nd hand one and cannibalize spares from it or just buy a new caliper. Advice or spares will be appreciated. Cheers
  7. Retro Direct builds. Re-imagining an old patent in a world of new bike tech.
  8. Stolen: Giant Liv Liv 2016 When: 23 May 2018 Where: Bloemfontein, Free State Stolen at night, 1 Get further details about the incident in the Stolen Bikes section
  9. 2x Mountain Bikes stolen in Langenhovenpark Bloemfontein. There are exactly the same frame and fork and wheel. On morning of 23 May 2018 between 5am and 6 am. Please be on look out, if found call immediately 0826124571
  10. Hi Guys As SS owners or soon to be SS owners I was looking for a page on Facebook where events (If any) or any rare and hard to come by parts, frames,etc can be shown to the world. There are a few pages etc but not one that is by any means up to date. The idea is similar to this page: https://www.facebook.com/groups/567464943318095/?fref=ts where mechanics show off the odder things that have gone through the workshops. I named it Single Speed and Oddities (Oddities are things just to cool not to share) Feel free to join up Link is below: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1557169964575827/?fref=ts If you guys think its a crappy idea let me know and I will close it down, all worth a try. Cheers
  11. I had a similar issue until I realised my wrench has a adjuster anfdthen a knob at the bottom that needs to be tightened up or the click doesn't work. Hope that makes sense
  12. The main issue with Pressure vessels of any kind is as follows: Under law steel or aluminium canister is they must be hydro tested every 4 years to beyond working pressure, if they explode they fail, I have seen the result of an alloy scuba tank shooting off, it took the roof off the compressor room but that's besides the point. CO2 running at 20 Bar if the cylinder cracks it expands to 20x volume and here is where the danger lays, as it adds 20x the volume to a room already filled with air, same applies to a pressurized coke bottle. It's a good idea but DANGEROUS, expanding air can cause hearing damage etc even if all the shrapnel misses you, a aluminium pressure vessel should also be handled with care as it is brittle and can ruin the structure and lead to eventual failure if mis handled droppped or generally abused. Anything with pressure is dangerous, a standard compressor runs at 8 Bar and the big issue with pressurised air is water vapour and corrosion, my compressor at home needs draining and cleaning regularly from the water in it, same will happen to an alloy paint ball container if filled with air. I was on the road with the UNOGWAJA and used a scuba tank, filled with dried air and used a standard SCUBA regulator to drop 200 bar down to 8 you can set it up to 10 or 12 if you really want, a little expensive to set up but that is ultimately the safest option. It lasted 2 weeks on the road and even refilled a few car tyres. they come in smaller sizes and some can even go up to 300Bar that amount of air will last a while, but same testing procedure applies. (2nd hand scuba equipment after a bit of a search can be found cheap enough.) Cost v Safety, Good Idea YES, safe No (Warnings and all appreciated, I wouldn't do it), Maybe immerse the bottle in water and wrap it in a tube to absorb any explosion (Common use in the SCUBA industry)
  13. I have never encountered this before: When in the 36 and 24 combination and I attempt to shift up to the 38 the chain just rides the pick ups and doesn't shift up, When I compensate with the barrel adjuster and limit screws to compensate the chain falls to the outside when in the shifting from the front 24 to 38 and the rear cassette is on the 11. I have checked everything obvious, but are still open to suggestions. The set up is as follows a X7 2x10 front mech direct highmount on a Trance X frame, the previous set up was exactly the same except it was a conventional front der and frame set up and worked perfectly with out fail. Here are my last ditch ideas: The chain could be to short causing to much tension to shift up? The front mech could be bent open wider than it should? Let's hear what you guys think.
  14. Contact Omnico, Many of the warranty frames are warehoused in Cape Town and eventually taken for scrap recycling. Contact them maybe they can help out or point you in the right direction.
  15. Oddly enough I have had request at my work shop to remove the remote lockout and make it a manual. It is easy to go from non remote to remote, all you do is remove the non remote and install the remote the reverse is a more difficult option you remove the return spring and keep it safe (in case he want to go back) it is cheaper as no new damper is needed but the mech needs to know what he is doing. (Voids warranty as well)
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