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Polar vs Garmin

Trail Snail

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I have the Garmin ForeRunner 50 HRM, which logs heartrate and downloads to the PC using the Ant Stick very easily.  The problem come when you want to print a graph - the software does not have this function.


I also use a Polar S410 for the same purpose, and the softeware can print the graphs.  The problem comes in when trying to download the data using the Sonic Link.


I have taken up to 104x attempts the get the data downloaded.  I have increased the sensitivity of the PC microphone and it picks up error after error after error.  Sometimes this process can take up to an hour.


Anyone else picking up the same problems, that have a fix for the printing of Garmin Graphs or succesful dowlloading using Sonic Link?
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I have no problems with the Polar data transfer, but I'm using infrared with my cs400. The only way I can come up with for you to print the graphs from the Garmin software is to take a screenshot, crop it and print as a picture. Finding a screenshot utility is simply a google search away.

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I know of a couple of guys who got the latest version to work with a FR50. I think they had to install the Garmin Communicator Plugin (from the Garmin site) and then import it using the generic Garmin option, rather than a specific option for the FR50.


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