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Sani 2 C


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I know this is early in the season to ask this but... if anyone has an entry to next years event or is looking for a partner for next year... there is only 1 number to call: 083 505 9673


Thanks guys and gals
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Good luck mate ...


Somehow they will have to reduce the numbers for 2011 ... wonder how they will achive that - some people will be pissed, others will be happy ...

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  • 1 month later...

Why do they have to reduce in numbers?


If they feel the activity is being populated,


why don't they just plan another event of activity like having divisions or so instead of reducing numbers...


In that way many could still enjoy and they could choose an event to join with...

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Keep up the trying Moab!

You will get an entry eventually...It took me over a year to get one! now done my 3rd and won't miss it for anything!
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