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GT Force 2


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Hi Everyone




My first forum, how exciting!!




Another personal exciting topic is that I ordered a GT Force 2 (2008

model) on Omnico's massive sale they are busy having, I really couldn't

say no to those prices. I even sold the sound system in my car to make

up the cost!




I am hoping that I could get some feedback from you guys on this bike,

especially from people riding them. I have read all the online reviews

and the bike seems to have more positives than negatives which I am

happy about. My only concern is that I want to get more serious about

MTBing and I am worried that I have bought the wrong bike for the type

of riding I am going to be doing. I realize the bike is an All Mountain

bike and is going to be superb on the single track and technical

downhills but I am concerned about its climbing capabilities. I am

definitely going to be doing many more longer one day events and would like to work up

to Staged Events so I am a little concerned about going up hills with

the bikes very upright riding position because of the long travel fork.


Look forward to hearing back from you guys.




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The GT Force 2 is a really nice looking bike that is very well specced..and like you say...the price that Omnico was offering them for made it an very very nice deal. I saw them on offer and seriously condidered getting my self one too...just couldnt find anyone to buy my sound system :( lol


Whilst there are bikes that offer better "all round" capabilities,  I cant think that you have gone far wrong with this buy. The savings alone make it worthwhile. Getting something that was more suited to your end goal would have put a serious dent in the bank balance. Also considering that you starting out now in the longer distance/stage race events, it makes sense to start with a bike thats more practical than aimed towards this catogory in particular. If the stage race bug bites, and if you deciede to concentrate on that kind of race, then by all means upgrade later. If not, and you revert back to the more common form of mountain biking (or a combo of both) then at least you got a steed that will handle both with confidence.


Guess you could also swop out the fork to something more applicable, but that seems over board and might spoil the geometry of the bike too.
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If it's an AM bike it will be a lot more comfortable, especially on longer rides. Can the fork not be adjusted to less travel if need be? You will get a lot more enjoyment out of it sitting a little upright, than leaning forward in the racing position that the snakes seem to like. If you are not out to win, racing MTB's can be overrated IMHO. If you are, knock yourself out, put bar ends and a straight bar on, lean forward and go for it.

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Thanks Mackie, Im a big fan as well. So stocked Im going to be getting a GT full sus!! Can even wear my GT riding jersey again with pride..just hasnt felt right wearing it riding a different brand..


Thanks for all your replies makes me feel much better about it, I can change the travel on the fork but I think even with that the overall height of the forks will stay the same so still making it quite an upright bike. I am definitely not a racing snake so I think I will give it a good go and Im sure it will be hundreds

toadwart7772010-05-21 05:06:58

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