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ZIPP Weight limit


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I'm interested in buying myself a set of ZIPP 404's (carbon tubbies) and wondering if there is any weight limit? 


I'm 94kg's and will be slightly lighter come racing season when the wheels will mostly be used?


Any and all advise greatly appreciated!


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[quote name='http://www.zipp.com/support/faq/faq.php]Recommended maximum weight for specific wheels:

  • 190 lbs (86kg) for 202 and 303 tubular
  • 225 lbs (102kg) for Team Issue' date=' 404, 808, and 1080

    • Above 190 lbs (86kg), consider MAX 404 and 808

  • 275 lbs (125kg): Cyclocross, MAX, Track, Disc wheels[/quote']

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Thinking about the structural differences (how different the top of the rim looks) between the clinchers and tubbies.


Thinking out of the box now.


(I know that you did say tubbies, but am just wondering)


Surely the strengths would be different?



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