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Core training 101


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Got a great post up on core training, perfect for those dirt devils out there ;)



Here are some pictures and

coaching cues for each exercise:

Glute Bridge (6-10 reps):


  • Lie on your back with your

    feet shoulder width apart and your heels drawn into towards your butt.

  • Brace your abs and squeeze

    your glutes to bring your butt up off the ground.

  • Squeeze your glutes until

    your hip fold is straight. Make sure that you are not pushing your

    belly button towards the ceiling and that you feel no pressure in your

    lower back.

  • Staying tight, bring

    yourself back down to the floor.

  • Do not relax at the

    bottom. Instead, do a light touch on the ground before coming back up.


To view the full article and watch the video click click: LINK




morewoodkid2010-05-25 08:07:15

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they guy in the photo should've just moved slightly to the left, or removed the stand with the weights. pity the photographer didn't pick it up.

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HAHA! Nice! Didn't even notice that... trust a "hubber" ;)


I'm a photographer myself, so instinctively notice stuff like that in photos and try to avoid it in my own photos. Another typical example is elements protruding from people's heads - trees being a common, and sometimes unavoidable one.


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Definitely the kind of excercises you do in the comfort of your own home ;)


Unless you live in Sandton where moves like these are commonplace in the gym...


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