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  1. Just consolidating the following three open threads into a single thread to simplify for all that are looking for information on these new models, technical advice on them, availability etc. Consolidated thread: LINK Previous threads: New Santa Cruz Model: LINK Epic Bike Check: Oli Munnik's Santa Cruz Blur CC: LINK Santa Cruz unveil all-new Blur and Highball cross-country race bike: LINK FYI - if anyone sent us emails on the 20th enquiring about the Blur... the influx raised a SPAM alert with our server and many of these bounced, please feel free to contact our in-house SCB guru: sam@rushsports.co.za
  2. 45% import duty doesn't help... #justsaying To be fair, they aren't cheap overseas anymore either. US$300.00 for a cycling shoe... are you frigging kidding me?!
  3. I think this topic can now have a name change, seeing as all is now in the open...
  4. This is the bike industry, a quick search on google will shed light on this completely unfounded rumour
  5. No front derailleur. With Sram Eagle (and an update from the other big MFG expected in July) who needs 2X
  6. Yep, believe it or not despite shedding weight the Blur swingarm is laterally stiffer than the Tallboy, very important on a bike that will see some serious acceleration / torque load into the back end. This is a result of testing done with the Syndicate guys on their V10 29" frames, so awesome to see the downhill influence in the XC frame design.
  7. The good news is that a 50% saving on the regular Reserve upgrade which is something we're driving hard on for launch bikes. Nothing beats a sub 10kg race bike that has no compromises in terms of durability. Lifetime warranty on frame, linkage bearings and wheels... pretty special if you ask me.
  8. I think the Americans in haste forgot to include the bike in that configuration
  9. I've spent quite a bit of time on most of the Evil and SCB range, both are incredible bikes, so the reality is that either way you're going to be grinning from ear to ear. For me (and what I would suggest you should think about) it comes down to the type of ride you're looking for, not the type of riding you're looking to do. A quick view of the fact sheet will tell you that both of these bikes are well specced, light, fast and have on-point geometry. A few considerations: Evil - DELTA will offer you better small bump compliance than any other bike I've ridden in the Following travel segment, the way the link initiates the suspension travel and ramps up through it allows for insane initial stroke sensitivity with great support further in the travel. One thing to remember though is that its still a single pivot, DELTA just drives the rear shock, so the wheel is moving in a fixed arc, and as such the anti-squat curve cannot be tuned in the same way as a virtual pivot, same goes for the anti rise on the braking side of things. Another thing to consider from personal experience on the evil would be saddle height, if like me you have abnormally long legs the seat tube angle (actual, not virtual) is pretty slack, and you will be seated quite far over the front wheel. On the opposite side of things, the frame does have an incredibly short head tube, so you are able to get a great low handlebar position to aid for climbing etc. TB3 - VPP is going to offer you (almost) everything it claims, well tuned suspension action, firm pedaling thanks to great anti squat, and neutral braking. On a practical point of view the lifetime linkage bearing deal for all SCB first owners is a pretty sweet deal too. Suspension feel on the TB3 is definitely more "race" orientated meaning its firmer and slightly more harsh. This gives the bike great acceleration and composure. The more traditional frame layout offers great water bottle clearance for bigger bottles too, and the geometry is well tuned for long days in the saddle. For me in short the former is a trail bike that wants to be an enduro race machine, and the other is a trail bike that wants to be a marathon race machine. Perhaps thats a little extreme, but its close
  10. My 2c... it doesn't matter what you ride, the important thing is THAT you ride.
  11. Easiest way, and what we always tell the dealers it to split it up to figure out what you need: What standard is your frame: PF30 / Pressfit30 (Cannondale have some of their own variations here to be careful...) BB30 (Cannondale have some of their own variations here to be careful...) BB86/92 BSA Threaded BBRight 386EVO What standard is your crankset: PF30 BB30 (Older style with shorter spindle) 22/24mm (SRAM) 24/24mm (Shimano) Take a look at the Wheels MFG poster to then use the matrix to figure out what you need: http://soshanger.com/WebRoot/LaPoste/Shops/box11137/MediaGallery/Pattes_derailleur/Wall_Chart_2016_BB.jpg
  12. No worries Johan. You must remember you are in an outlying area, and though we would obviously all like our Maxxis dealers to stock every model this simply isn't possible. There is no reason why they can't order it for you though
  13. Hi Johan Sorry to read about your problems, have you consulted your local bike store with this? Put them in touch with us and we will gladly look into it for you and see what can be done. With regards to your comment on not having a wider variety, which particular model do you feel is missing from the range? Current we offer 28 models in SA, thats more than any other tyre brand I know of, actually its close to the combination of most of the big brands...
  14. Got one for sale... #JustSaying https://www.bikehub.co.za/index.php?app=hubmarket&module=core&do=view_item&item_id=270632&new=1
  15. There are a few options, RaceFace, Rotor, Wheels MFG. The only thing to watch out for is spindle length on your BB30 crankset. The older BB30 cranks will not work, you need a crank that is BB30/PF30 compatible.
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