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Chris Willemse Cycles Rock!... great service.


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I am extremely happy about the service I have received from Chris Willemse Cycles at their online shop www.cwcycles.co.za .


I live in Botswana and while our LBShops make every effort to get what I want, I am fussy and search out the best bargains. I buy a lot of stuff online because I cannot shop around in SA.


I decided to buy an expensive front suspension fork for a new bike I am building and CWCycles had the best offer considering convenience factors, time and money.


I bought and paid for the fork online and to my surprise Christof emailed me asking if I was sure I wanted a through-axle shock. Obviously others have made this mistake before. He was quite correct, I need a normal skewer. He pre-empted a careless mistake by myself.


Christof recognised that I had bought a shock and made the effort to make sure that I was doing the right thing. What other online supplier would do that? My experience is that online retailers are basically computers that spit out goods. CWCycles gave me personal attention as if I was in a shop.


If that doesn't seem like a big deal, consider that Christof then suggested what I should get as a replacement, made sure that everything would work with the wheels I was going to use and then when I wanted to try and pay the difference said for me not to worry, essentially offering me a huge discount.


This could have been a costly mistake for me. Once goods are in Botswana it is a mission to return them to South Africa and this would have delayed my build by weeks.


Great service is becoming extinct, and these guys have made such an impression on me simply because they do their jobs properly and actually care. And quite frankly, you cannot beat their prices, even by going to Chain Reaction in the UK.


Well done Christof and the CWCycles team, you have won a loyal customer.




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I agree 100%. Dealing with CWC is a pleasure. The only problem is that in 8 weeks I have placed 4 orders. At this rate I'm going to run out of money before they run out of stock.ChrisH2010-06-03 12:32:49

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I love them.... they are super cool.... I wish the service my own company gives such good service. again mmmmm they are cool.

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Geesh my problem too, everytime I log onto their site something jumps at me shouting "buy me, buy me, ...'LOL

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I've bought a couple of things from them, every time a pleasure. Two scenarios emphasise their great attitude:


1) Bought a complete SLX groupset, but my pre-existing wheelset was 6-bolt, so Chris Jnr swopped out the included centrelocks with my choice of 6-bolts.


2) Got a Prologo Choice saddle in bright yellow to go with my yellow bike, but realised when I got home that it was just TOO yellow! When I took it back, they didn't have any black ones, so they gave me a black Choice Max TR (the higher-end model) with their compliments.


Great guys to deal with... Clap
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I agree 100%


I bought a new RockShox Reba Race two weeks back, then went back the next day when i saw the price of a set (F&R) of Avid Elixir CR's - it was cheaper than buying them from Chain reaction - and the service from Christoff was excellent. CWC online will be my first stop from now on when looking for new kit.


Keep it up guys!! You rockBig%20smile



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well i agree totally with this post Chris and his team have it down to a fine art, really you guys deserve a 200% rating, i phoned wanting to find out about buying a bike a XL to be exact they didn't have and in the show room, and the guy helping me(cant remeber his name) took my number and name etc and said he'd call me back, just then i thought to myself oh boy here we go again, they not going to call back like all other bike shops, but man was i wrong, i got a phone call back in 10 min, they'd phoned all their bike suppliers for me to ask if they have stock, unfortunitally none of the suppliers have XL in stock at the momentCry they all waiting for their 2011 stock to come in, but still the service i got was amazing, an the efficiency really impressed me, got a feeling i'm going to be doing more bussiness with them even though im in PTA and they in the cape.


well done to Chris and the team, you guys deserve a pat on the back for th service you guys give.Thumbs%20Up
brad8902010-06-06 14:37:34
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  • 2 months later...

Im going to +1 here. Fantastic service, got a great deal from Chris and it arrived in JHB less than 24 hrs from that time I placed the order.


Big thumbs up!

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