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  1. Hey Cois. Glad to hear things are still going well, all things considered. I'm afraid this pandemic is going to reveal a lot about the people around us and their compassion towards others or lack there of. With regards to visits to the Doc and high risk environments, maybe a good fitting N95 mask might help there? I know they aren't great for continual use and are more difficult to breath in compared to the surgical masks. Maybe one of the doctors on here can comment about what would be best for visits to the doctor where you may be in contact with other ill people in waiting rooms etc? Our rodeo here in Australia is just starting, we managed to dodge the first wave of infections, but now have community transmission in Victoria and New South Wales. I personally think we'll soon be joining the rest of the world with regards to covid cases. However on a positive note while reading some of the articles on the various news websites today, there seems to be some positive results on the vaccines developed here and in China. Fingers crossed this is actually the case. On a lighter note here is a link to a monkey riding a bicycle, or if you ask my wife, me trying to be a mountain biker https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cOcUZzCa9aw
  2. Hey Cois Just a little shout out to hear how things are going? Hope your keeping well that side with all the craziness going on in the world at the moment.
  3. This can happen to any brand. Its caused by brake or shifter cable housings being cut too short when replacing them, or housings the have shifted in the frame getting shorter at the bb and longer at the levers / shifters Most manufacturers have a recommended length or distance from cable and bb when frame uncompressed to compensate for compression.
  4. Hey guys. Just got a mail from Evans Cycles where I bought my Cannondale CAADX while working in the UK. Looks like Cannondale is recalling the forks on the CAADX (2013-2016), from what I can find on the web is that there have been reports where the fork has fractured without warning. So if any of you out there have a CAADX with the ULTRA-X fork maybe chat to your LBS about the recall. https://www.cannondale.com/en/USA/Safety-Notices-and-Recalls
  5. The stuff from wish is pretty much the same as what you get on aliexpress. www.aliexpress.com Just remember customs could hit you with a 65% duty ontop of what you paid when it gets to SA More on that here. https://community.bikehub.co.za/topic/75887-import-duties-on-cycling-goods/ you could chance it and send through the post office (free shipping) but you'll probably be in for a 4/6 month wait, advantage with this is, that there is a higher chance you might miss the 65% duty, very hit and miss with SAPO whether you get charged duty or not. In terms of quality, the tops are OK, bibs generally aren't the greatest. Quality is the same as the stuff they have at mr price sport. If you do order, order one size up from what you are from local brands (endola, cape store, first ascent etc)
  6. a quick google shows that you might be able to convert your current hubs and have the wheels re-dished https://singletrackworld.com/2016/10/eurobike-2016-american-classic-boost-conversion-kit/ https://www.bicyclepartsupply.com/product/american-classicboost-12x148mm-thru-axle-kit/ not sure where you'd get the kits though
  7. Would it not be better to just replace the whole wheelset? Get some of the wheel builders that have already replied to this post to give you some quotes?
  8. Well done to everyone who managed to finish. Can't agree more with what has been said so far, weather was great, atmosphere from spectators was awsum, all in a really well run event The sea was like a dam, compared to tinman and the ultratri a few months back, so actually enjoyed the swim this time. The 10 seconds between batches worked well in my opinion, passed quite a few people on the swim, but wasn't such a issue because of it being spaced out. Cycle was also good managed a 2:48 which I was happy with (cyclocross bike with road tires), overcooked the first lap a little but managed to recover on the second The run for me was brutal tough, managed 1st lap under 6min/km after that the KM markers felt like they were getting further and further apart. Managed to sneak in just under 6h according to my cheap stopwatch 5:58 will have to see if that is the case when official results come out later.
  9. you could add me to that list 914 looking at those numbers so far looks like hub has some big guns racing, I'll be the guy sweating blood on the run
  10. Very nice, looks fast. Is your hydration integrated into the frame? (white tube)
  11. Is there anywhere we can keep up to date with this sewage incident. Felling super bummed about this, was going to be my first 70.3, but don't want to invest in a wet-suit if we aren't going to swim.
  12. If you've had a bad experience from a deal here on hub, please leave a rating on the users profile. If you go onto a users profile, under the marketplace tab there is an option to rate this user. That will help others more then a post, that will probably be forgotten in a week or two. As that rating shows every time a user places an Ad. Hope you come right with your garmin, they are really nice toy to have when working.
  13. All depends on your self service skills, if you don't mind getting your hands dirty, then my personal routine is as follows. (each cook has his own recipe) Once a year I'll do a full strip of the bike and check all bearings, in pivots, headset etc. If bearings are turning freely with no grinding or play, will leave be till next check. With wheel hubs. Shimano - Cup & Cone, those should be cleaned and re-greased every 3-4 months or so, get the LBS to teach you before trying yourself. If sealed bearings I would check each individual bearing on the once a year check. With consumables, (chain, cassette etc) that all depends on the conditions you ride in, if you like to ride in the mud or dry dusty conditions then you'll need to change the chain more often, like that you can keep using the same cassette for at least 2-3 chains. Lastly a pressure spray as convenient as it is, does generally not go well with bearings especially if you spray directly at pivots, BB, headset etc. The water can get passed seals and into bearings If any bearings are creaking, stiff or do not turn freely then they should be checked and most likely replaced.
  14. Hey guys. Can anyone recommend a sports Nutritionist in the Durban area, that can help out with eating plans / nutrition for Triathlon and Cycling. Couldn't seem to find much when searching bikehub. Cheers
  15. brad890


    Also consider a product called techniblock. Its a spray on sunblock, I personally like to use it as there isn't that oily feeling after applying, like some of the creams. They also make a small spray which fits nicely in a cycle jersey pocket, depending how long your out on course you may need to reapply regardless of brand or spf.
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