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I am about 175cm and weigh 78kgs...what size mtb should I use?

Medium or small.

Is there a clear cut size, or is it dependent on the manufacturer?

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I am 176 and have a large frame. I have a very short stem(?) and the bike set up is 100%!

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I am 1.7m.

Medium and Small from most manufacturers fit me. Large is too big.


I normally prefer the small with a long seat post. Smaller frame is easier to handle (and lighter).


I agree that you should first try to get the frame size right, but it is often still necessary to change the stem length to get the set-up just right.

Why do you insist that the factory fitted stem is best for you?

It was specified by someone who has never even seen you on the bike; how would he know? Confused


mountain_lion2010-06-03 14:43:07

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No guys sorry my "chirp" about the stem was not bike related!

I am not fussy about changing stems/seatposts etc, just looking for ideas. If I walk into a bike shop the sales guy will just say medium...without looking at brands or makes and got me thinking.

My thinking is that a smaller bike should be easier to handle and slightly lighter but then you hear that Burry rides a large and he is no giant.

Felt thanks for the link, says I should look at 17inch frame.
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I'm about 175cm and always seem to find a 17" fits best.


I would not go more than 18" unless you are way out of proportion Tongue
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