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how to keep tubeless wheels in tip top shape ?


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i have recently up graded to tubeless ..and i have afew questions

how to i maintain the wheels set?

what pressure should i keep the tires set at

and what sealent  is the best to use ?

how often should the sealent  be replaced ?
coola2010-06-06 12:50:25
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I run mine at just over 2 bar, also if I am doing a race with a lot of sand, I run them a little softer.


Change my lube every 3 months.

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Pressure depends on tyres, rider weight, terain, preference etc.


There's not a best sealent. Some are thicker than others and some are more helpfull when you have trouble sealing them the first time. I'm no expert there.


Don't use amonia based sealent in kenda tyres.


It's sealent, not lube.
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I also found out the hard way that using a bomb to reinflate a tyre causes the Stans to goo up into a ball instantaneously leaving nothing to plug holes.


Stewie, do think non-ammonia sealants will avoid that problem? Which non-ammonia sealant can you recommend?


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Oh damn. I used bombs to inflate my tubeless two weeks ago. Was too lazy to go to petrol station. Maybe I should open them up and see what's going on.(I have heard about the bombs, but a lot of guys inflate with them. Maybe just some sealents.)


my intense, I have heard thta non-ammonia sealents will work. I can't recommend one sorry. I'm no expert in tubeless, but I think OKO is amonia free.


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