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Garmin 305 Fault


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My Garmin 305 just started swithing off when I going over a bump. When I switch it back on than everything is OK again until the next hard bump. Any question on what is the posibility of the problem. Garmin repair are taking about need to change unit.

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As mentioned its a well know and reported issue although Avnic will act surprised when you tell them. Avnic dont repair them so your options are either DIY or upgrade to the 500 or 705.  

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  • 7 years later...

Is Avnic still the local Garmin distributor in SA.?

Any Cape Town offices/points of contact.?


I sent my Garmin Forerunner 310XT in to Garmin.


The process was simple and easy. You need to send your device to a Garmin dealer store (Duesouth, Sportsman Warehouse, Cape Union Mart to name a few). I took my device to Cape Union Mart in Tygervalley. I only needed to hand in my head unit and strap, not even the packing, charger, ant+ stick nor bike mounting for the 310XT.


Did not have my original POP, but that was too not a problem. I needed to pay R200 for handling and shipping fees. 


The only real gripe I have is the waiting period. 6 - 8 weeks... 


But oh well, I will survive.

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Yeah, makes my training super hard, because you only realize how helpless you are without a head unit. Cannot see my numbers haha to help me pace.


For time being, I am using my phone with my HR data to keep track of my fitness.  

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So I eventually got a response which didn't address all issues.

Resubmitted and waiting again.

Starting to understand the 8 week turnaround.

Really liked the idea of Polar's event stands/service centres like they do at Cycle Tour Expo.

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