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  1. https://memes.com/these-artists-show-you-what-celebrities-might-look-like-when-they-get-old
  2. If that is 10 speed ultegra di2 you looking for than i have a spare one lying around. PM me if you are interested. Make me an offer.
  3. What sort of problem. Some Endos specialize in a specific field. Send me a PM and I can recommend someone for you.
  4. I must agree. After using polar and Garmin Soft straps, i find this to be the most reliable. Never misses a heartbeat and in never affected by sweat, moisture, etc. using mine for 3 years now without issue.
  5. Its really not necessary to know your blood type. If you are in an accident and need blood in an emergency, then you will be given O- blood. The casualty departments only have emergency supply of O- blood as it can be used universally to all blood types. If it is less urgent, than a sample of your blood will be sent to the blood bank, tested for your blood group, cross matched with donor blood ( This checks that there is no reaction between your blood and donor blood) and sent to the casualty. Even if you know your blood group, this procedure will be done everytime you need blood. That said, I would encourage everybody to become a donor.
  6. I think there is still room for the LBS if you find the right one. I normally deal with Fareed at Westdene Cycles. I have struck up a good relationship with him and he has given me good service. When I need something, I usually phone him. If he does not have the part then I ask him for a quote. Within a day or two I get a call from him and then I give him the go ahead to order. This is followed by a call when the part arrives. I have ordered a few items this way and he has always come through.
  7. Original Ad http://www.ebay.in/geb/ImportHubViewItem?itemid=262775017867
  8. As the title states, me and my Road Bike will be in Hazyview over the Easter Weekend. Staying at Kruger Park Lodge. Any Hubbers either staying or holidaying in Hazyview and would not mind some company please message me. Thanks in advance.
  9. http://images.enca.com/encadrupal/styles/600_383/s3/WEB_PHOTO_JOBURG_STORM.jpg Maybe its just a passing cloud
  10. Emperors Palace is fast and flat. You are overthinking this race. The bunch pretty much remains intact the whole way. Just get to the front to stay out of trouble. If you get dropped, than just form another group with those that got dropped with you, or latch onto the next bunch. A sub 3 from DL or EL should not be an issue. As for being overweight, that should not be an issue in this race. There are very few hills that would separate the anorexics from the fatties.
  11. Rule #19//Introduce Yourself.If you deem it appropriate to join a group of riders who are not part of an open group ride and who are not your mates, it is customary and courteous to announce your presence. Introduce yourself and ask if you may join the group. If you have been passed by a group, wait for an invitation, introduce yourself, or let them go. The silent joiner is viewed as ill-mannered and Anti-V. Conversely, the joiner who can’t shut their cakehole is no better and should be dropped from the group at first opportunity.
  12. Snotklap : http://www.getaway.co.za/photo/albums/getaway-gallery/august-2016/attachment/getaway-gallery-40/ http://www.getaway.co.za/wp-content/uploads/2016/08/Johan-Kloppers-johanklop@mweb.co_.zaSnot-Klap.jpg.jpg "There is unfortunately no word in the English language for this title. We were sitting at the waterhole at Rooiputs in the Kgalagadi Transfronteir Park watching a pride of lions drinking. This male lion approached the lioness with some intentions, but as you can see from her reactions, she was not interested at all. He kept on at her, until all of a sudden she just got fed up, swung around and gave him a real snotklap. What makes this shot is the perfect timing – the spray flying out of the male’s nostrils and mouth and the position of the female’s paw, claws clearly showing, right in his face. – By Dr Johan Kloppers, Fish Hoek Canon 5D Mark III, Canon 500mm f/4L, ISO 1000, f/5.6, 1/2000 sec "
  13. Anybody riding this bike will need to ride with a Camelback as well. No space for a bottlecage.
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