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MTB helmet - skate style?


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Hey all




At the moment I am using a borrowed entry level Raleigh helmet... these days though I am finding myself less and less on the road, and more and more in places like Majik Forest. I am getting to know the corners and the drop offs, and every time I go through there, I am a tiny bit faster and trying something new. Now I find myself eyeing some of the smaller jumps thinking "next time"...




I was going to buy myself a new helmet along the lines of the Giro Hex, but I'm thinking - if I am enjoying the singletrack and the gnarly stuff so much, should I not be looking at a "skate" style helmet (piss pot)? Is that not going to give me a bit better protection?




Or am I just going to look like a nobber?






What say you mountain bikers - what's your riding style and what sort of helmet are you rocking?

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Trail or full face lid would be better, the pis pot does not cover the lower back part of your head very well

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examples, though looking at the pics I guess they offer more or less the same amount of protection...








20100609_133919_giro-section.jpgthe_wes2010-06-10 03:53:31

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