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  1. ONE Industries' history is rooted firmly in motocross, but they've amassed an impressive catalogue of mountain biking gear since launching their bike division in 2012. Though most of their range is pitched at gravity riders, some items will appeal to those who enjoy XC, casual trail rides and all day epics. One such item is the Atom short. Click here to view the article
  2. I won't get into the flats vs clips debate, because it tends to rage on for pages and usually consists mostly of age-old and re-hashed arguments. Ride whatever makes you comfortable - if flats give you more confidence, more power to you. If you can't imagine a world without clipping in - you go girl! Personally I ride flats, and I will say this. Most people that complain about a lack of grip on flats have never ridden a proper set of pedals with a proper pair of shoes. It amazes me how much people will blow on clipless pedals and shoes without blinking, but want to skimp on a flats setup - and then wonder why it's not as efficient. If you're planning to ride flats, you want a set of these (or similar): http://dialdbikes.co.za/deity-decoy-2.5-pedals.html and a pair of these: http://dialdbikes.co.za/fiveten-freerider-vxi.html Sure, it's going to cost you, but the shoes will last long and the pedals will last a lifetime (I have a set of DMR V12s I've been rocking for about 5 years now). And the grip and comfort will be worth every penny. Alternatively, I have it on good authority (I wouldn't know personally) that the inability to unclip can be due to a lack of experience or poor setup. Get your LBS to set your pedals and shoes up right, find a soft, grassy area and practice.
  3. It's new bike time! I've recently sold my Commencal Meta 5.5, and am planning to buy a new full-suss trail/enduro rig sometime next year. In the meantime, I'm getting back to basics, and looking at a hardtail to get fit and do some trail riding. I probably won't race an enduro on it, but I will ride it everywhere I can. I've narrowed my search down to the Silverback Sola 2 (29") and Slade 1 (650B). Both 2014 stock. (Note: please don't recommend other brands / models - it's going to be one of these two). Given my height (1.86m) and the rave reviews the Sola is getting from a mate of mine (who went from a Slade to a Sola), I am leaning that way. However, I have a lot of perceptions (probably misconceptions) about 29ers, so I'm also drawn to the Slade - is less of a mind shift coming from a 26er. The Slade's spec is what's enticing me too. RockShox Recon Gold (vs Silver on the Sola), better rear hub, better shifters (XT vs Deore on the Sola), and slightly wider (21mm vs 19mm on the Sola) and tubeless-ready rims. Given my fat ass (almost 120kg), I am worried about a narrower, larger diameter wheelset - and the Recon Gold seems like a nice upgrade over the Silver. That said, I've been told by someone who's opinion I trust to disregard the difference in spec and go for the larger wheels. So - I welcome any input. Especially if you've ridden either (or both) of the above. Do I go for the bigger wheels and what is starting to sound like the superior frame / ride feel, or do I go for a better fork and more robust wheelset? Or am I just being paranoid about the spec? Thoughts?
  4. Possibly my next rig... (the Dartmoor Hornet)...
  5. I've lost track of how many times Dial'd has bent over backwards for me. Good bunch of guys bringing in some great brands.
  6. Ah, so YOU'RE Omega man. I'm the dude with the blue commencal that you were chatting to at SS3, when you arrived completely shattered
  7. wesley_r

    First AM Bike

    Dial'd have the 2013 Nukeproof Mega AM Comp on special for R32.5k http://dialdbikes.co...<br /><br />160mm travel with a RockShox Monarch Plus and a 170mm RockShox Lyrik up front. It's about as all-mountain as you can get, and it's a bloody bargain that's making me wish I had the dosh lying around. If you want a good AM bike for under R35k, do it now!
  8. Bike prices right now are bloody mental. MENTAL. I'm a little sick just thinking about it.
  9. What are you hating about it? I couldn't be happier...
  10. I'm running the cSixx Doubler on my bike. It's amazing. That is all.
  11. Gee is anything but a di@k, he just takes racing very seriously and works lank hard. He was one of the first to congratulate Smith after the race.
  12. Looky what Dial'd have listed... http://dialdbikes.co.za/commencal-meta-am-frame-2013.html
  13. This left me wondering why Morewood wasn't showing off a 650B Sukuma prototype... which I am sure many people would love to see (and ride)
  14. +1 Dial'd are the official Dartmoor importer and are usually uber-helpful. They sorted out a problem I had with a Nukeproof hub before...
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