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Too many new brands?

Mr. G

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Choice is great but at what cost?


I worked in the motor industry for about 6 years and saw many brands come and go, very few new brands were successful. I saw so many people trying to trade in their lesser known cars in good times and bad, but losing more value than more popular models.


The lesser known brands also offered , good service, warranties on par with most and a pedigree in another country, but their re-sale value was always way below par. Parts were also an issue to secure (although the salesman assured us all that parts would be readily available)and when they left the country, even worse was to come.


So just beware there are some awesome looking new bikes out there, competitive prices and very good specs, but how long will they be around?


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The Golden Rule about new stuff... never, never never be a guiney pig. Wait for a few months, and see what the products delivers...

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I agree about the cars, but the difference with bikes is that the components are fairly standard (which are the parts most likely to wear out and require replacement)... I know warranties are an issue, but you just have to hope the supplier is around for long enough for yours to run out.


Just to clarify, I am obviously biased as I am slowly starting to import the Edge brand myself, but I know I personally will continue to honour warranties even if I stop selling the products (unless the manufacturer disappears, but they have been around for a while so shouldn't be an issue).


Cars are not a good comparison due to the cost of spares, the number of spares required, and the specific knowledge required to work on each different brand of car.
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It's not a direct comparison, but watch over the next few years all of these new brands that let people down.


I really hope that you are successful though.


Cervelo was right that people must take time before they commit to an unknown product.

Companies being established overseas does not guarantee back-up here.
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