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  1. I think I might have joined the hub before you so I am very well aware of that... The main difference is that the community was smaller - this is a business and they want more users so they can grow. This is an obvious outcome of that. The classifieds shouldn't be a source of cheap stuff - to me it has always been a place to offload your un-needed stuff to a willing buyer (the N+2?). I've also been looking out for months for a deal on an e-bike. I know I'm looking for a bargain - all my self-imposed budget allows - and I also know it will be snatched up the second it comes along and I might miss it (I probably already did and don't even know it!). The "dealers" have also been around for many years - that isn't new.
  2. The classifieds is simply that - a place for people to advertise their goods with 1000's of prospective buyers. It doesn't need to be regulated and doesn't impact the value the discussion forums offer. If you feel you have a legal agreement or the seller has dishonored you and your family then call the police or hire a lawyer. A seller can choose who they sell to - if they want to sell to a reseller then they're welcome to. It is their bike so it is perfectly ethical and reasonable that they dispose of it as they wish. If this has happened to you so many times then maybe you're doing something wrong? You have stated yourself that you are actually going to check the condition of the bike out rather than to collect it - then you are not as committed as you might have suggested and the seller has a risk still. If you want something then make a plan to either pay for it or to go and see it straight away. I understand you're a little upset about missing out on a deal - we all would be - but don't lose sleep over it...
  3. I have previously seen the parts from a bike reported stolen on here for sale a few days later (frame presumably disposed of). The detective on the case was happy to join me to meet the person and took the parts back. Not sure if the guy was arrested or charges were laid but the police were very willing to assist.
  4. Depending on what you are covered for (all risks, theft etc), if you claim for a set of wheels and not the full bike then expect to receive 60% of the value and not the full value (any claim for a part of the bike would be paid proportionately). I guess that is what you are looking for so not an issue. People probably get upset when they claim for a R10k part and only get R6k less excess in return even though the item is insured for R120k in total. I'm not an expert but that is my understanding.
  5. Ignore my post - the bike in your pic looks older.
  6. The prices are what they are because there is demand - if someone else is willing/able to pay more than you then tough luck. If no-one will pay the asking price then the price will have to come down. That's how economics work. Cycling is definitely not being "killed" - exactly the opposite in fact. And don't call someone a "tool" for responding to your question. His comment follows the exact same logic your question does so does that make you a "tool"?
  7. This is my first choice if they have stock in your size (I bought it and love it) - https://www.giant-bicycles.com/za/trance-advanced-pro-29-frameset You won't get better value than that for a frameset with a top end shock
  8. You'll survive - not worth the time it took you to post this (and for me to read it).
  9. I have a couple but will need to check the setback this evening.
  10. If my calculation is correct (possibly debatable) then that equates to R1500 per year if you were to drive 20,000km. Mine stay on for the convenience factor over a Securi-Lid on a bakkie so I suspect they will have a smaller impact being behind the cab.
  11. Will probably be available on the classifieds in "as new" condition soon! Very lucky guy!
  12. This sounds like the Double Century... they now have tea breaks in the middle of the "race"
  13. The CTCT has previously not been completed because of heat, wind, fire, Covid-19 and now you want it moved because it happened to rain on a similar day to when the race might have been had it not already been cancelled? It might be easier to just not hold it at all if you want to look for reasons that a date isn't suitable. March is probably the best chance you have of avoiding heat, wind, rain etc in Cape Town but the organisers have no control beyond hope and luck. Just out of interest - what alternative date would you like? Let's see if we can find a good reason why you're wrong.
  14. WTB Kom Tough I29 is the first rim I haven't been able to damage (badly) yet. They also look really good IMO. I've heard very good things about the DT Swiss rims but I seem to remember they come at a premium price (there wasn't any stock when I got the WTB's built last year). As far as the discussion is concerned, both will work but I suspect 30mm might just be that little bit too wide for your intentions so I'd go with 25mm personally for XC use if those are the only options. ...and the OP resolved his dilemma while I typed this
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