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  1. aaarggg, thats very far...spelling commute takes longer... lolanyway, changed my route, to something a bit "flatter"... usually rolling hills from Parktown to Krugersdrorp via Empire, past RAU? , through Westdene, Newlands, and on Ontdekkers. , changed route to go past Emmerentia, past WestPark Cemetry... ended up climing 400m compared to the usual 260... ouch.
  2. didn't see a number, 30-31minutes in,,, proper lie down. OUCH.
  3. IT DID, this morning...from next week the plan is to do a full commute to work and back, then 2 days ride in, catch the bus back ,and run the last 4,5 k home...gets a bit of a logistical nightmare though.
  4. started a 16 week programme, though a triathlon, but aiming to go under 3 hours. Crap part is, week 2 took 2 weeks, and week 3 as well...not the ideal start.
  5. yaaaa, the prces people will pay for simple stuff, go to a second hand dealer, get an old sink and voila.
  6. ...damn, and there I was thinking a thread about guitars. EISH
  7. Note to self, enter early for this, start training early for this. Have to make it a weekend away.
  8. that just made me very depresssed. We have a too big ratio of idiots /people with brains. 10 - 1 OR SOMETHING. And our pressie sits with Std 2, which means thats not gonna change. I'd love to go there for a week or so. Saw gummi's foto on face book and thought, 'what the hell am I doing in this shytehole'
  9. my dad bought one of those small sets, what a load of rubbish, the drill worked not even 10 minutes....NAAAH, i'LL RATHER pay 3 times as much. Yes, Makro have a good variety of tools, bought a Bosch blue drilll there, its solid. Yaa, that was R800.
  10. +1 Grumps...I went Whaaaattttt the ffffffffkkkkkk???? when I read that...
  11. don't talk about it...was going to cycle, but weathter cold and windy. So take the car...get to the office, realised I forgot my access card and drawer keys at home. And , my clothes are in my drawer. aLL THE way back, Parktown to Krugersdorp,...so there is a power failure in Florida.... Left home 1rst time 05:50, got to office, 6:40, back home 7:20,, dressed, got the keys, back to the office, landed at 8:50. 3 hrs to get to work... F**^*(^*(&()*()*)_U*(^*K!!!! :cursing: :cursing:
  12. damn...was too busy to think of sport the last couple of weeks and missed OUT. ah well, not the end of the world. Will go for the full IM.
  13. Neither...I do sport, what do I want to do with the magazine. Men's W(H)ealth? yuppy...fancy pants mag. I bought the ride mag, and there wasn't much that interested me.
  14. You still drink stuff SAB produces...have Windhoek...much better
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