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Avid Elixir CR making geraas!!!


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Okay so I have changed the discs because some people said it is the G3's that is the problem, but they are still making the sqeeking irritating noise.


I know this is a problem with the elixir's is there someone that have solved the problem, I think its the pads? I used the G3 rotors with Shim XT brakes and it did'nt made any noise.
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I have Avid juicy that was making a noise and i sanded them with very fine water paper and no more squeal.

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 You can use water paper to sand both the pads AND the rotor, use figure of 8 motions.

Then make sure that your calipers are perfectly centered. I "eyeball" them first and center by hand then squeeze the brake lever and tighten.

The critical next step is to go find a long hill and do about 30 complete stops from a fair speed to complete stop.

You will then feel the pads start "biting"

Do NOT drag the pads while doing this.

If they still squeal you can try organic pads and also get your caliper mounts faced at LBS..............

Hope this helps.


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Your disc may have either grease or some other fluid on it.

This may have contaminated the pads.


My advice, remove wheel/s and clean disc under water with solvent.

Change to metal pads as resin make serious noise after getting wet.

Make sure your caliper is centered.


The noise should be gone instantly without going for a ride. :D

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If the pads are contaminated you can burn off the toxins in them. I use brake cleaner, wet the pads, then set them alight to burn off. repeat. Sand them lightly and then bed them in hard.


remember to clan your rotors too.

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