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  1. If you can get down to Richmond then we could head out into Surrey. Distance can range anywhere from 60km to +100km, 500m to 1500m of climbing respectively. I`m often out with Hotchillee. Been off the bike for a while but drop me a PM next week and I`ll see if I`m around.
  2. I`m a hubber...been living in London for 5 years. Typical Saffa reply....
  3. Why are you still messing around with Omnico? Contact FOX directly & discuss your issues with the fork & the problems you are having with Omnico.
  4. The DC Rainmaker review is extremely detailed, just bear in mind that it is fairly old and the unit under review was still in the `Beta` stage. Things I`ve read about the V650; (There are more but to me, these are some of the more important deciding factors when considering a cycling computer) Cons: Battery life only 10hours (rec every sec) - Poor in this day and age considering how long Polar had this unit under development.Route upload done via Polar Flow (their web service), Therefore no mobile/tablet support.Post workout stats available on unit but cant upload wirelessly via a mobile or wifi network. Still too new for a comprehensive review. Time will tell. If you are willing to wait, why not. Maybe if unit records every 5sec`s, battery life would be improved?!Product information/Specs available on their website are very limited. Pro`s: Front `emergency` lightZone (Heart Rate) based training, by a simple touch on each zoneBluetooth Sensors (HR, Cadence and Speed), therefore if you forget your V650 at home, one could use his/her cellphone (preferably in their back pocket) purely to log ride/race, etc.Cheaper than 510Battery life plays a huge part, especially when forking out this amount of money for a training device....based on the fact that this will be used for many years.
  5. BSR seems like a good buisness. The only negative is why anybody would spend R11 500 on a 29er frame which weights 1580g vs a Planet X (On-One/Planet X) Dirty Harry 29er which weights 1170g and probably costs (all courier & import duties) around R8500 max. Both frames in my eyes come from somewhere in China/Taiwan...or wherever. I`m sure warranty claims from both companies wouldn`t be an issue. http://blackspaderacing.net/framesets/ http://www.on-one.co.uk/i/q/FRPXDH29MTBDISC/planet_x_dirty_harry_29er_mtb_disc_frame Just seems a little too pricey as one is not purchasing from the big `well known` suppliers and it seems other hubbers want to support the `local` market which I think is a great idea, if the prices are right. Just my thought.
  6. Very very sad! Still shocked. Was one of my favourite cyclists! RIP Africanmtbkid.
  7. Saw this coming. What I find interesting is that PoS had no idea until today, thought he was close to SANparks as he is/was the self elected Tokai chairman.
  8. (Shaking of head) Same ol same ol 'pro's of the hub'.
  9. You sound like the pro, maybe you should be giving the pro's advice! What you forgot to mention is setback, which will shift the weight more towards the centre, but again, you will realise once you have been for the correct setup. (For your specific riding style) I laugh at all the folks above stating they installed a slightly longer stem and now feels more comfortable, it's not that simple as it all depends how flexible/nimble you are as to how the bike is setup. A certain rider might have short legs and long arms or visa versa and will then require different length crank arms. It's a proven fact that one should choose the 'smaller' frame as its more nimble and handles better, a bike with a 35mm stem must look soooo stupid!
  10. I still think that this is not entirely true. Burry Stander (XC rider) has an extremely long stem as this suits his kind of riding according to Jeroen Swart. The London Olympic course looked extremely tough! His handling of the bike along with Niño Shurters seemed fine! Check the following link: http://velonews.competitor.com/2012/04/mtb/pro-bike-gallery-burry-standers-specialized-stumpjumper-29er_252212
  11. This made me laugh! He's Burry Standers personal coach! Once you have been for the correct setup then you and the rest of the crowd will realise that it's not as simple as reducing/increasing stem length as you see fit, it comes down to the correct setup!
  12. Above statement is totally incorrect. Once a rider has been setup correctly (in my case through Jeroen Swart) he/she will dictate frame size, saddle height, saddle setback, reach, etc. My reach needed to be 605mm, GIANT frame (effective top tube) are 595mm for medium and 615mm for large. I had a medium frame which meant I needed a 110mm stem to achieve the measurement listed above.
  13. Order from On-One, see website below. http://www.on-one.co.uk/c/q/helmets One question though; "Why Kask and not specialized?"
  14. @JaakCT, exactly what I will be doing when on holiday in Cape Town March/April next year. Will also definitely include Jonkershoek, Oak Valley and Lebanon trails. Security needs to be beefed up and SANparks need to come to the party! End of story.
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