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Sigma PC9 or Polar F4?


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My personal choice would be the Polar as I have not had any trouble with mine and the service centre in South Africa is well organised. Not sure about the Sigma Products After Sales service in SA.

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I have the sigma. Its quite decent and costs MUCH less than the polar. I'm quite happy with it, only 1 small issue now is that one of the buttons is sticking, but I'm sure I'll be able to sort it out. Polar is obviously a better name and better quality, but consider the prices of both.

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Happy with my PC9. For the price (R300 randts from CWC in Feb), well there was nothing else available.


Use it everyday on my commute as I have asthma and do serious uphills in the morning. Today was the first time I picked up issues and it was due to me not wetting the strap before the time. I do not put this down to Sigma at fault - I'm sure this is required for all straps.


Only thing that puts me off Polar is the inability to change batteries yourself.

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Have u had any other technical problems with the pc9?


Besides the HR strap issue (which I have found is true for all straps), I've not had a single problem. The PC9 functions are minimal but sufficient for me.


If your looking for something to upload your training, well then rather get a Polar or something else in the > R2K range.


Also since budget HRM seem to have a good resale value, its easier to start of basic (Sigma/entry level Polar) and then upgrade to the big boys later on.

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