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  1. Aftershokz are great! Sound quality isn't amazing but they let you hear what is going on around you.
  2. Thanks, that was my first thought as well. Replaced the battery and still the same thing. I'm convinced the problem is in the strap itself as the module works fine when I use a borrowed strap. Well that sucks... Where did you send it back to? I think I might need to go through agents as I bought mine from amazon..
  3. Has anyone had issues with the garmin premium heart rate strap? My heart rate is ridiculously low and often it drops the signal. I tried with my fathers strap with my hrm module and it worked fine, so it seems its just the actual strap?
  4. Are you sure you own a wetsuit and not a life vest? surely its not THAT buoyant? I did my first triathlon on sunday with not much swimming training and no wetsuit. It took me a while but I got out of the water alive. If you watched the kids race you would have been embarrassed for not even trying. There was a small girl who could hardly swim but still stuck it out and finished!
  5. If it gets infected use merthiolate Its like 90% alcohol and 10% peri-peri sauce It burns like hell (you will scream like a little girl) but it will dry the wound up very quickly and you wont get infection again. I used it in my hockey days when I had astro-burn all the time. Works like a bomb But I will say it again - It friggin HURTS It works well for blisters too, I use a small insulin needle and draw the fluid out of the blister then inject a bit of merthiolate back in.
  6. Just take a teaspoon of cement and harden the #*$& up Just kidding. I want to do the iron man one day when I'm big. Respect for doing 100km run a few weeks before tho!
  7. search with your SAS race number, it will bring up all the photos that they have uploaded of you.
  8. Photos are also up already 1st time I've done an mtb race in my lumo pink shirt the pics are awesome
  9. http://www.waterpoint.co.za/sites/default/files/Redstone_MTB_20111001.pdf
  10. Thanks, if thats the case then I did a decent time in spite of blowing my rear tyre off the rim Did anyone come short on that last downhill? That was not a joke with a 90 degree turn at the bottom! I did some moves there that the Stig would be proud of
  11. Have you had any luck yet? I couldn't gather from your explanation, but did you try using soap suds at the garage? That usually works for me - i put a bit of sunlight soap and water in a energade bottle (with a pop-up cap) and shake it. Then open the cap and squeeze the foam out onto the bead. Mind you, I'm not the best one to take advice from...I blew out my tyre twice this week trying to get it seated (there is latex EVERYWHERE!)
  12. I did this to my fork yesterday (took the spring out) but now the lockout doesnt work? I'm sure it worked before I took the spring out... any ideas JB?
  13. I ride with one on my hardtail with a fair amount of seatpost sticking out (more leverage to break I assume?) and so far no problems. Done about 3000km with it... Only trouble I have is a clicking noise when the torque isnt right.
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