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Garmin Edge 605/705 software version updated to 3.20

Jaco Steyn

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A heads up for those with a Garmin Edge 605/705, there is a software update available through the webupdater.


Change Log:


Changes made from version 3.10 to 3.20:

Improved calculation and reporting of total ascent, total descent, and grade.

Improved handling of history files when saving.

Correctly calibrates wheel size when using PowerTap hub.

Backlight setting now saved to configuration and set automatically on power-on.

Improved 'Go Home' functionality to search for any user-created waypoints named home.

Added new timezone for Santiago, Chile.

Allow house number 0 on find address page.

Improved range on power calibration page.

GSC10 sensor improvements to reduce speed spikes.

Uses elevation calibration point when starting an activity during a course.

Added message indicating elevation calibration point has been found.

Expand elevation calibration radius to 50m.

Translations updated in the user interface.

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Download and install Garmin Webupdater from the Garmin site, attach the unit and it will check and install latest version.

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Where do I go to download it?

Either use the Garmin Webupdater as Scotty suggested (recomended), or download the file directly from here: http://www.garmin.com/software/Edge605_705_320.gcd

rename Edge605_705_320.gcd as gupdate.gcd

copy it on [X]:\ (main directory of your 705) overwriting the existing one

bring the 705 outside with a good satellite view

Switch it on, and wait for update to complete and aquire a satellite fix.

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Despite the elevation crazyness I had on 3.10, I downgraded to 3.10. I had one successful ride on 3.20, Saturday had a ride not even recorded. Weird grade and elevation is better than no data to look back on.


Garmin forums are also so full of complaints about this FW level that I don't know how they could release it. There's even one post dedicated to one guy "bragging" about successful rides he's had on this level.


Crazy... this is not how it should be.

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I have just made the update and now the edge is not recognized anymore by my laptop and shuts off immediately after connecting the usb cable anyone else have this problem and or a solution?



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