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Blackburn Voyager 3.0 - not waterproof

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As per title.


Was working late this evening. Put new batteries in at the office as the existing ones had mysteriously died on me. Go home, all is fine but on one section I like to put it onto flash - the reason for buying this one.


Nothing happened. Light just stayed on.


Anyway, I get home and no matter how much I press the button, it dose not switch off. I opened it again and see why. Moisture got into it. Remember at the office there was some moisture while changing the batteries but I thought it was negligible.


So needless to say the "Water Resistant" part as claimed by the product only works for the first year - mine is now about 15mths old :(


(And to top it all off my wife accidentally through all my receipts away last year).

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Cant wait to get myself a decent light either.


I have had a few rides with my friends that are packing some serious lumens and now I just dont want to go back to my normal "candle light" in comparison.

It has even put me off riding by myself early on the weekends. Once you have had that "car headlight" on your bars it is just so sad to go back to a a little flashy thing.

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Yup, the other night I released how pathetic my candle light was. The only thing the blackburn is good for is visibility - to be seen. But lacks in being able to see.

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I've got a few hundred rands (thousands?) of lights lying in my drawer - they're either *** dim, or don't fit the bars, or have stupid attachments. There's a lot of rubbish out there. I just bought a Knightrider which seems to have an OK beam, but I guess you have to one of those monsters the MTBers use if you really want to see. Expensive but impressive, like car headlights.

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