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Weight training

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hi all,, im still on a weightlosing training, ,, obviously cant ride bike, as its raining in cpt... i gym daily, but have started with weight training,, will it have a positive effect on my weightloss?? i do alot of spinning in the gym,,,,.. would 3times a week weights be enough,, less/more?? ,, i do mtb`ing,,,,

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I`ll recommend hitting the super circuit at least once a week.


You dont have to think about what to do next and there is a timer too.


This will give you great variation and overall toning.


You will prob not loose weight in the first 2-3 weeks but the cm will come off. You will most likely only see results on the scale after 3 weeks but then it comes off quick.


When it comes to weights stick to 25 reps, if you cant do 25 your going too heavy. Remember, you are building muscle endurance.


Good luck!

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I have also started weight training , I ride aprox 50 hours a month on the bike , and I had a very slow weight loss ,

Now I have started gym i go 4 times a week , I do still cycle 8-12hrs a week , I am on Phedra -cuts and CLA along with protein I have in two months gone from 91kg down to 83kg , and I will drop down to 79kg I hope


I have cut bread and cheese out of my diet hope this helps

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Weight training is beneficial for your health and weight loss, the more muscle mass you carry, the higher your resting metabolism is. So your body will burn more fat while resting if you carry a bit more muscle weight. As a male your testosterone levels also benefit from having more muscle mass.


Obviously as a cyclist you want to have a balance and not carry too much muscle. But unless you're a competitive cyclist I wouldn't worry too much about that.

Remember losing weight is 30% training and 70% diet, 3 times a week will be fine, try and do something that trains your whole body in one go.

Check out http://www.capecrossfit.com/ its the best form of weight training that I've come across.

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Hi Dirtcrazy. im a personal trainer that works with cyclists with gym related training.

If you are interested give me a call on 071 889 2194, or email me joubert.andri@gmail.com.


I work from a gym in the cape quarter building in the center of CT




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