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Trek Hardtail 69er


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Hi, could someone advise please. Im a roadie, do a fair amount of MTB riding on the weekend and have a problem with my MTB on really steep loose gravel climbs, forced to jump off and push. firstly would like to know setup on a MTB, would this be the same as on my road bike, i.e. knee and BB setup and saddle hight the same. Secondly could my battling to stay in control of the bike, only really steep climbs be because of the setup of the bikes wheels, i.e. back is a 26 inch and front is a 29inch wheel. (I am forced right to front of saddle yet still cannot maintain balance/cadence). I have tried moving saddle forward but this does not really help. Final question, can I convert bike back to a 26 inch wheel in front, simply by changing front wheel, or would whole front setup need to be changed, shock etc?




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The fork should have steeper geometry to cater for the 29" bigger wheel, simply putting on a smaller wheel on a 29" specific fork may make the handling somewhat twitchy. Maybe try borrow a 26" fork and wheel from someone, fit the wheel first, see how it handles with both forks and make a call on it.


If I'm not mistaken the Trek 69 had a Fox fork on it? You should be able to sell that quite easily if you decide to go that route.

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