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Nissan Diamand rush - the results are flawed!


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Ever looked at a results page and just know that the results are not "right"? In the 40(38)km race, I know that some guys who finished in the top 10 (at least 4!) are not meant to be there.


One guy entered the 70(66)km and did the 40. Two okes, one started in Z and one in H, finished top 10. Now I am not saying this is impossible, I am just saying there is no chance in hell!!! I mean, the one guy finished 577th and 133rd in the previous 2 Nissan series races - and then finishes top 3???


I feel sorry for the oke's that "actually" finished 2nd and 3rd...


The only way this could have happened was if they cheated on the route OR they started in the wrong group and no one saw them.

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Yes, Noticed this! Totally impossible! I mean even from the speed the guy is going you should eb able to tell that he isnt race winning material?


I started late, 5min after Z and was given an F group start time. I clearly recall being told before that you are allowed to start in groups lower than your seeded group?

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Have you queried this with advendurance? They're usually quite quick to respond.


But here is the thing - out of the 3 guys that finished top 10, 2 had the wrong number boards - one was a 70km board and on was a 20km. The other oke was the one that finished 577th and the 133rd or something. You can't just DQ him on that - just because on csharpphotos he does not look like a top 10 finisher...And because he sucked in the previous 2!!!

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