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  1. Spent an hour longer out there every day than what we planned. The Adventure was wet but rideable. The Race looked like a different kettle of fish. Still had a good time and rode almost half of the race with the Binders. Here's my take on it. Day 1: https://youtu.be/YVbCmcYsFE8 Day 2: https://youtu.be/f6Cl_LPfkHc Day 3 https://youtu.be/0ffdnwXQY8Y
  2. I ride the lower green section with my 6 and 8 year old often. They love it!
  3. Just added you Harryn. Looking forward!
  4. You need a Strava Permium subscription, have the function activated on your Garmin and add the segments you want to include to your favorites (star the segment, as ouzo said).
  5. Think about your base. You are slowing down because oxygen transport to muscle decreases, lactate formation increases and the rate of lactate removal decreases. Doing adequate base training will improve the structures in your muscles that transport blood (oxygen) to your muscles. Research capillary and mitochondrial density. Areobic.base training doubles the density of these structures in your muscles and teaches your body, at a low intensity, to be more effecient by being able to transport more blood to your muscles during exercise. Effeciency is key to any endurance exercise and is what makes you able to sustain hard efforts. By going through an adeqaute base phase you've improved the effeciency of your body which translates into direct performance benefits when transitioning into high intensity training. As your body is more effecient in using oxygen and 'fuel' you'll, to put it simply, be able to go harder for longer.
  6. Squier

    The Munga 2019

    Hats off. At that temp all your fluids are warm and getting warm energy drink into your gutt is almost impossible. Don't know how they do it.
  7. I was on the South Coast early December last year and the missus and I joined a group ride at the Burry Stander Bike Park, led by Charl, Burry's dad. Even though his memory sometimes fades in between the rat race, over there it is very much alive and still celebrated daily. The shop is filled with Burry memrobilia from Cape Epic jerseys to his London 2012 skinsuit, pictured below. On top of every climb and down in every valley floor there was talk about how fast Burry did that section. This was his training grounds. The locals are still asking Charl to upload Burry's Garmin files to Strava. He just smirks. I guess he knows what a special athlete his kid was. He doesn't need KOMs to prove that.
  8. I enjoy using my GoPro and editing the clips after almost every ride. I use it for my rides, kids' sport, holiday videos or whatever and edit using the GoPro Quick software on my phone. It's quick and painless and does the job just fine. I had a GoPro Session 4 and upgraded to a Hero 7 Black before Sani this year. The HyperSmooth function is awesome! Thing is, if you're doing it for views you'll probably be dissapointed as people don't care, nor enjoy, looking at your singletrack clips. I think I average 4 views per video, of which 1 is me on my phone, the other me on my TV and then probably two sympathy views from my wife. For me, I enjoy looking back and have found it a cool way to keep stock of some good memories. Hoping to have a massive collection of footage so that I can cancel my dstv subscription when I move into my nursing home one day... I try and keep my MTB clips under a minute, except for stage races where I try and get as much as possible in as short as possible time. Here's one from a race we did in the Karoo recently: https://youtu.be/yc51iEOTcLs
  9. Can we get this going again. I'm looking for some new stuff to listen to. Some good ones I came accross recently: - Cyclingtips podcast - Tyler Hamilton interview - Cyclingnews had a couple good ones, incl a Landis interview - Life in the peleton - Daryl Impey and Robert Gesink - The Science of Sport Podcast - What it really takes to ride the Tour de France: A Doctor's perspective
  10. So, we got this mail from the tannie we're staying at in Willowmore. In Afrikaans... essentially just saying it's not looking pretty... Doing number 5! Looking forward to a good one, around 12 hours.
  11. Impey was the higlight. That cricket world cup final just upset me. Great game, sure, but winning a trophy without actually winning the final. Grates me a bit... and that "6"... Is what it is I guess. Compounded by Fed not closing it out at 8 - 7. My Impey euphoria was short lived. Thanks. I feel better after sharing. As you were.
  12. Thought the same thing. They probably had plans to bring the feature in-house and just looked for an easy out.
  13. The newest gem in Pretoria East is Tierpoort Adventure Farm. New trail - technical in spots and fun.
  14. Squier


    "...there are only three things wrong with this South African team: they can't bat, they can't bowl and can't field. That might sound overly harsh and it's not an original line in cricketing folklore, but if it makes the Proteas the laughing stock of the World Cup it's because they are." https://www.sacricketmag.com/proteas-fast-bowlers-world-cup-slow-lane/ Pretty spot on.
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