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2min water steriliser


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Granted, much of this tech currently exists, but the size, and manual nature will probably find huge favor with hikers and campers and enduro, multistage riders who into serious bundubashing. I really wont mind something like this while out hiking,just in case the only rain around is yellow :lol: :blink:



A Portable water bottle for filtration and UV sterilisation of water anywhere in the world in 2 minutes. The water bottle works by first filling the outer chamber with dirty water from any lake, stream or dirty puddle. The inner chamber is plunged though the outer chamber and the water is filtered though a custom designed filter, down to 4 micron in particle size. Once the water is clear it is sterilised for 90 seconds using a wind-up Ultra Violet bulb. Once complete the water is safe to drink. The whole process takes 2 minutes.








rest after the jump

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DAmn nice for hiking!!

I know of this UV strilising pen you get...but still need to filter the water..this one combines both....very nice.

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