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  1. Three eps available. Sucked in from the first ep. Great start!
  2. Into the Night - binge material. Totally engrossed. Two seasons available 1983 is genuinely really good viewing. Pity i couldn't find the remaining 4 episodes.
  3. you are terrible! 😍
  4. been sitting on that one. Thanks for reminding me to get stuck in.
  5. bit of a headsup. looks interesting. just hope it's not tacky..
  6. exactly why i want to get into the pipe clamp game. Often see the pony DIY pipe clamp sets for sale, just no tap and die set to cut my own threads. But thanks for the agrimark tip. Muchos gracias!
  7. on the topic of clamps, anyone into the pipe clamp game? where or how do you have your pipes threaded?
  8. lol @Hilux But yes, those 4x4s look hardcore cool
  9. yes we do via various e-tailers. Down here in the cape, it's largely thanks to Toolcraft. But the pandemic's effect on shipping has had a huge effect on supply of stock with a Toolcraft advisory published late last year, or early this year, stating new shipments were somewhere into 2022 IIRC. Toolcraft has instead, dipped into what looks like chinese equivalents. Have a set of the alu woodpeckers squares, and would luurv the newer stainless, large format versions. But in general, they are moer-pricey in ZA.
  10. Anyone else into Katla? slow burn, but not meandering. suspense ratchets upward on a good cadence. Incredibly beautiful scenery. So convincingly looks like they took the opportunity to film while the volcano was raining down havoc. Definitely did not dissuade me from wanting to visit that island
  11. commiserations! my dad loaned my cheapass mouse sander. Then it seemed to have gone missing, only to be rediscovered in a box. in pieces. shame, it broke due to heavy work, and he tried and failed to fix it. I think he was so ashamed, he 'forgot' about it But to my shame, i must admit, i was a bit pissed..
  12. expand on 'lessons'....😬
  13. If you going to be using it often: CORDLESS! the convenience of use will offset the cost of chargers and batteries, especially if your choice in cordless trimmer takes you outside your current brand of cordless. funnily enuogh, once you have that convenience, you'll end up using it more, making my initial proviso moot
  14. your son is the perfect customer. and the fact that he allows a 'defect' to instead be an opportunity to tell a story, makes that piece valuable. my advice: the customer is always right (in this case ) Thanks for inadvertently reminding me to get my dust collection sh33t together. 😒
  15. i got hooked on the first ep already. must still get into the rest of it, but from what i'm hearing, it's really really really damned good.
  16. funnily enough, new out of the box is likely where one might encounter issues in spite of our warmest optimisms but i hear you. that said, their bits, which is their actual product, is pretty good. I just wish they offered a range of spiral bits, up, down and compression cuts. Have some on order from the USA. timing the exchange rates
  17. agree with stefmeister. I too had a bearing come loose, and it royally fudged up my work. But i realized the fault was mine, in that i failed to check for free running of the bearing first. The screw clamps down on the inner race of the bearing with the outer race intended to run freely. If the bearing is not maintained, crud build, rust etc up can cause increased friction between the bearing balls and the races. So depending on which way you run the router, i think the increased internal friction could act to unwind that screw over time, not to mention vibrations from dull bits causing the same. Threadlocker should prevent the loosening due to vibration, but that's part of maintenance of the bit and its bearings, to ensure the presence and condition of the threadlocker.
  18. Season 2 of Ragnarok: brilliant once again. warning,it's very very binge-friendly Others may have commented on it before, but of the best weekly viewing i've had the pleasure of, was For All Mankind. that show has serious good story-telling chops. And as heads-up to the fans of season 1, first 2 eps of Season 2 of War of the Worlds, the euro-version, is available. Easily, the best serialized adaptation by far!
  19. From rarewoods : price varies per thickness of board, 26mm to 101mm american walnut (prime) - R62,030 to R108,670 per cube hard maple (prime) - R36,160 to R59,870 per cube.
  20. VS was damned cool. Not long before someone like her, if not her, rolls out the hut with the boys at Rampage.
  21. that last stepdown... omw. i'll bet it made base jumpers start reaching for that hackey..
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